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by the subdivider or the property owners. <br />Commissioner Bogosian stated that he felt that property owners <br />of private subdivisions would still depend upon the County to <br />resolve their problems. <br />Dewey Walker, County Zoning Inspector, reported; that fifteen <br />of ,the previous twentyone violators have been in the office <br />and are working with the County to lift the violations and that <br />three others will be in this week to discuss their problems. <br />James Beindorf appeared before the Board as engineer for <br />the Sebastian Inlet District requesting a permit from the Board <br />to do certain dredging work, including the depositing of spoil <br />in the public waters forming a part of the Sebastian Inlet, <br />according to the .plans and specifications which he submitted. <br />On a Motion made by Commissioner Massey, seconded by Commissioner <br />McCullers, the permit was unanimously approved subject to the <br />approval of the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund and <br />the Corp of Engineers. <br />• Joseph Pappace, of the Whispering Palms Subdivision, appeared <br />before. the Board requesting that an area near the landfill <br />operation, which is being used as a playground by the children <br />of the subdivision, be cleared and leveled by the County. A <br />Motion was made by Commissioner McCullers, seconded by Commissioner <br />Loy, and unanimously carried that the Administrator check the <br />ownership of the play area, and, if County owned, clear and level <br />it for the use of the children of the subdivision as a playground <br />with the understanding that if the need does arise for its use <br />as a County landfill area, it will be reclaimed by the County <br />for this purpose. <br />JUN 2 1959 <br />tim":: 2 8 <br />