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F'_224 <br />July 30th 1929. <br />a <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met <br />at the Court House in Vero Beach, on Tuesday, July 30th, 1929 in special session, <br />with the following members of the Board present: T.D.Yongue; J.U.Wruce, J.J.P. <br />Hamilton and John H. Atkin. Also present were Miles viarren, Clerk amd Clark S. <br />Rice, Sheriff. <br />On motion duly made, seconded and. unanimously carried, John H.. Atkin, was named <br />Chairman pro tear in the absence of Chairman Helseth. <br />`rhe Chairman pro tem announced that further consideration would be given to the <br />various proposals received for property upon which to erect a jail. After some <br />discussion and viewing the various sites offered, and having fully considered the <br />matter, it vas ordered that allmbide or proposals received and on file be rejected. <br />Commissioner Hamilton introduced the following resolution and moved it's <br />adoption, to-wit.- <br />VMREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, hav <br />given consideration to the question of erecting a Jail and/or Court House in Indian <br />River County, Florida, and as a result thereof, deem it necessary to erect a Jail <br />or Court House in said County; <br />BE IT RESOWED, that the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida, deem it necessary to erect a jail and/ or Court House in Indian River <br />County, Florida; <br />BE 'IT FUtRTHER. RESOZVED, that the Clerk of this Board;° be, and he is, instruct <br />to give notice for Thirty days in the' Vero Beach Press -journal, a newspaper publi <br />1n Indian River County, Florida, that at the next regular meeting of the Board of <br />County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, after the publication of the <br />said riotice, namely, at the meeting of said Board to be held at 10 o' clock A.M. <br />Tuesday, September 3, 1929, the question or questions of the erection of a jail and/ <br />or Court House in Indian River County, Florida, will be acted upon by said Board of <br />County Commissioners. <br />The adoption of this resolution being seconded by Commissioner LaBruce, the <br />same was put to a vote by roll call. <br />Ayes-. Hamilton, IaBruce, Yongue and Atkin. <br />Ways. None. Resolution declared unanimously adopted. <br />Consideration being given to the question as to the amount of bond or´┐Żaecurity <br />to be placed with the State Comptroller by the County depositories, and it being <br />made to appear that the year just ending the said Depositories placed with said <br />Comptroller security in the following amount: Farmers Bank of Vero Beach, X109000. <br />and Indian River County Bank, Vp79500.009 and it appearing .such depositories will <br />not act in the capacity as such depositories for the County for the various Interesl <br />j and sinking fund accounts, except for general debt, which is negligible, therefore <br />on motion made, seconded and carried, it was ordered that security for such <br />County Depositories be placed the same as the year just closed'. <br />There being no further business, on motion made, seconded and carried the <br />Board adjourned until the regular meeting to be held in august 1929. <br />ATTEST: Chairman Pro mem <br />Cle rk. <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />