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1 <br />I' <br />1 <br />U <br />TUESDAY 2 AUq7jST 6th 1929. <br />At a regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida, held in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, at Vero Beach, on <br />Tuesday, the 6th day of August 19292 there were present the following County Com- <br />missioners, to-wit:.Albert 0. Helseth, Chairman; J.D.Yongue; J.J.P.Hamilton; <br />Bruce and John H. ,Atkin. .Also present were Uiles Warren, Clerk and Clark S. Rice, <br />Sheriff. <br />The Minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved as read. <br />James F. Morrison appeared before the Board and presented the following petition: <br />PETITION. <br />We, the undersigned citizens and tax payers of Indian River County, Florida, <br />hereby petition the Board of County Commissioners of said Indian River County, Florida, <br />that 3 <br />VMREAS, it is generally reported and common talk among the citizens and tax pay - <br />ere of said County that the finances of the County now and heretofore have not properly <br />been secured as they might or should have been according to law, and, <br />V11MREAS, on account of failure of banks in this County it appears that said County <br />hast so far lost considerable money and that there have been no steps taken for coll- <br />ection or reimbursement to the County by reason of any security or bonds that the said <br />banks had or should have had to guarantee the repayment of all funds deposited with <br />them, and, <br />BEREA:31 it is also reported that certain County Officials have been negligent and <br />possibly responsible to the said County for certain funds that they have failed to <br />account for or collect and turn over to the proper authorities, and, <br />`TEA,, it appears that James T. Vocelle, the present attorney for the Board of <br />County Commissioners, or the firm of Vocelle and Mitchell of which he is a member <br />represents as .Attorneys both banks, being the Farmers Bank of Vero Beach and the Indian <br />River County Bank, Sebastian, now termed County Depositories, and has and did heretofore <br />represent the Vero Beach Bank and Trust Company, and now represents the Receiver for <br />said Vero Beach Bank and Trust Compare, and other interests to _the extent that it mould <br />be at least embarrassing on him if not disqualifying him from investigating, advising <br />and prosecuting, if necessary, certain suits against said defunct bank or its Receiver, <br />and any and all offices of said .County together with their bondsmen that it may be <br />found are liable for any money or moneys due or may become due said County by reason <br />of any collateral or security of any nature that said County may have, or otherwise in <br />the interest of said County. <br />That this action is not being taken, and is not intended to reflect in any way <br />upon the character, ability, or integrity of the said James T. Vocelle but in good <br />faith for the interest and protection of both the Board and Tax Payers of said County. <br />And, we hereby recommend and request your honorable Board to employ an attorney <br />or attorneys, ' to represent your Board in the matters heretofore referred to and such <br />other natters as the Board may from time to time designate, instead of your now <br />attorney, and we suggest that you employ S.N.Sm.ith and. C.P.Diamond, ,attorneys, for the <br />foregoing purpose and any other matters that you may designate to them and that you <br />pay them a reasonable <br />fee for their services. <br />.Axel Hallstwom <br />Glhaas.Ke rsey <br />Donald Fo rbes <br />Axel T .Peterson <br />James F.Morrison <br />B.K.Kersey <br />S. A. Perk <br />Oswald L*Helseth <br />W.L.Hammill <br />Eli C.Walker <br /> M.Baird <br />Sibyl G.Hearne <br />Chas E Berg <br />Julia Blum <br />a .E. Cherry <br />P.T.McClellan <br />Carl laandperg <br />H.Carlsward <br />.A.F.Carlsward <br />Joe W.Forsling <br />E .G.Danberg. <br />Upon motion of 'Commissioner J.D.Yongue, it was moved that the Board employe <br />,/ <br />