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ORDINANCE NO, <br />to the east of the commercial corridor may receive consideration <br />by the Board of County Commissioners for residential zoning. <br />Moreover, the Board of County Commissioners may also consider <br />extending the commercial zoning beyond the 600 foot depth of the <br />corridor if the subject property abuts commercial zoning, is not <br />more than 800 feet east of the east right-of-way line of U.S. 1, <br />and can meet one of the following criteria: <br />1. The property is located on an arterial street as <br />designated on the County's Thoroughfare Plan; <br />2. The property is part of a larger parcel of land that <br />has at least 100 feet of frontage on U.S. 1 and extends <br />more than 600 feet east of the east right-of-way line <br />of U.S. 1; or <br />3. The property is split by the 600 foot boundary of the <br />commercial corridor with the major part of the property <br />zoned commercial. <br />The section entitled "OSLO ROAD MIXED USE DISTRICT" found on <br />page 39 of the Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan is <br />hereby amended as follows. <br />Oslo Road is the major east -west thoroughfare serving the <br />southern part of the county. The greatest amount of new <br />residential development will occur within the South County areas <br />therefore, a Mixed Use District along Oslo Road has been <br />established to accommodate the anticipated growth. <br />The Mixed Use District on Oslo Road consists of two separate <br />areas. One area includes land for a depth of three hundred feet <br />between 12th and 10th Avenue. A strip of the MXD district also <br />extends to a de th of 750 feet from Oslo Road on the north side <br />of Oslo Road along the west side of 12th Avenue S.W. This strip <br />is 322 feet in width as measured west from the west right-of-way <br />line of 12th Avenue S.W. <br />Coding: Words in tjAOYt WiA type are deletions from existing <br />law. Words underlined are additions. <br />