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ORDINANCE NO. 88 - <br />director and the public works director approve <br />an exemption based upon one"or more of the <br />following criteria: <br />a. it is anticipated that the use(s) will <br />not attract or generate significant <br />pedestrian traffic; <br />be a nearby existing or planned sidewalk <br />will adequately serve anticipated.. pedes- <br />trian traffic attracted or generated by <br />the subdivision; <br />ce the anticipated use(s) or vehicular <br />traffic characteristics of the subdivi- <br />sion are incompatible with pedestrian <br />traffic; <br />do the location of the subdivision is such <br />that it is anticipated that sidewalks <br />could not be effectively integrated into <br />an existing or planned sidewalk system; <br />e. the developer provides for an alternate <br />route and/or improvement that adequately <br />accommodates pedestrian traffic and <br />movement and coordinates with existing <br />and planned sidewalks. <br />Decisions by the community development director and <br />the public works director to approve, approve with <br />conditions, or deny an exemption request may be <br />appealed to the Planning and Zoning Commission. <br />Planning and Zoning Commission decisions regarding <br />exemption requests may be appealed to the Board of <br />County Commissioners. <br />NOTE: these exemptions, 1-3, apply to local <br />streets only, and do not apply to any collector or <br />subdivision feeder roads as designated by the <br />thoroughfare plan or the public works and community <br />development directors. <br />(3) Specifications. All sidewalks shall: <br />Be located outside of the roadside recovery area <br />unless protective devices <br />nonmountable curbs). <br />Have a curb cut and ramp foz <br />intersections as specified in <br />Standard Specifications. <br />Be constructed -in accordance <br />County Standard Specifications <br />are provided (i.e. <br />wheelchairs at all <br />Indian River County <br />with Indian River <br />The Board may require that additional right-of-way and <br />pavement at schools, shopping centers, parks and other <br />high pedestrian traffic sites be provided and dedicated <br />to the county as may be necessary to facilitate antic- <br />ipated higher pedestrian traffic. <br />(4) Construction prior to final inspection. Sidewalks shall <br />be installed prior, to final inspection of the subdivi- <br />sion improvements. The Board shall have the discretion <br />to grant the applicant a two-year period, after final <br />inspection of subdivision improvements, to construct <br />sidewalks if the applicant posts construction security <br />in the amount of one hundred fifteen (115) percent of <br />the construction costs (Ord. No. 86-70, 7, 10-28-86; <br />Ord, No. 88-9, § 1, 2-16-88)." <br />CODING: Words in t o¢gftX4004X type are deletions from existing <br />law, words underlined are additions. <br />