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r ORDINANCE NO. 88 - 5 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA AMENDING SECTION 7(f) OF <br />APPENDIX B OF THE CODE OF LAWS AND ORDINANCES OF INDIAN <br />RIVER COUNTY, SUBDIVISION AND PLATTING; REQUIRING A <br />FINAL PLAT ADVISORY NOTATION REGARDING PRIVATE RESTRIC- <br />TIONS; ESTABLISHING CONDITIONS REQUIRING THE FILING OF A <br />COVENANT REGARDING PAYMENT FOR FUTURE UTILITIES SERVICES <br />IMPROVEMENTS; AND PROVIDING FOR REPEAL OF CONFLICTING <br />PROVISIONS, CODIFICATION, SEVERABILITY, AND EFFECTIVE <br />DATE. <br />NOW THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Board of County Commis- <br />sioners of Indian River County Florida, that: <br />Section 1 <br />Section 7(f)(6) of Appendix B, the Subdivision and Platting <br />Code, Indian River County Code of Laws and Ordinances is hereby <br />amended as follows: <br />(6) COVENANTS, RESTRICTIONS, RESERVATIONS. <br />(a) All covenants, restrictions or reservations placed by the <br />developer or required by this ordinance shall appear on the <br />final plat or be established by separate recorded document, <br />which documents shall be submitted to the County with the <br />final plat. If done by separate document, the public record <br />location of such documents shall be indicated beneath the <br />subdivision name as follows: "Covenants, restrictions, or <br />reservations affecting the ownership or use of the property <br />shown in this plat are filed in Official Record Book No. <br />Page if <br />(b) When deemed necessary by the County's utilities department to <br />ensure the proper future expansion of utilities services, a <br />covenant document shall be filed with the plat that includes <br />the following statement: "In the future, when a potable <br />water distribution and/or a wastewater collection system <br />becomes available to service the subdivision, service improve- <br />ments and connections shall be made by the homeowners' <br />association, or by the property owners, to all lots and shall <br />be paid by the homeowners' association or by the property <br />owners". All deeds conveying properties within the sub- <br />division shall reference the covenant document. <br />CODING: Words in WA¢XftAtOi to type are deletions from existing <br />law; words underlined are additions. <br />