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ORDINANCE NO. 8 - <br />of Section 828.27, Florida Statutes, may—approve—appointment <br />------------------------------------- <br />of one or more animal control officers to enforce the <br />----------------------------------------------------- <br />provisions of this chapter_ Any animal —control — officer <br />appointed _and —approved _by_ the —Board —of—County_Commissioners, <br />or any law enforcement officer as defined _in --Florida <br />Statutes, Section 943.10(1), shall be referred to _herein —as <br />-------------------------------------------------- <br />officers and are hereby__ authorized— to issue citations <br />--------------------- <br />not i i fyi ng— persons to appear in the, County _Court — when the <br />officer has probab l e cause to ------be I leve that such person —has <br />-------------------------------- <br />committed a violation of the Indian. River_ County —Animal <br />--------------------------------------------- <br />Control Ordinance. The determination that a violation has <br />--------------------------------------------------------- <br />occurred may -- be --the result of the officer's own <br />investigation or as the result of—a-- complaint <br />by --an <br />aggrieved_ person_ <br />2. Enforcement_ options. <br />SECTION 3-13. <br />The animal control authority shall, whenever an <br />owner, person, or animal is .deemed to be in violation of <br />this chapter in any manner, take one or more of the <br />following steps, as deemed most appropriate to achieve the <br />desired result: <br />(1) Impoundment of such animal with notification, <br />redemption and disposition, to be pursued in <br />accordance with this chapter. <br />(2) Initiate an action for determination of a <br />violation by the code enforcement board as <br />provided above. <br />(3)-- Issuance —of—a— citation —notifying —persons _to <br />appear —in the County_Court when the officer <br />has probable cause to believe that such <br />person has committed a violation of the <br />Indian River County Animal Control Ordinance. <br />A citation issued by an officer for violation of <br />the Indian River County Animal Control Ordinance shall <br />----------------------------- <br />CODING: Words underlined are additions; words $ �Ja�lkl tf�►��JadN� <br />---- are deletions. <br />