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2/3/88(o/r)LEGAL(WGCnm) <br />L: <br />ORDINANCE NO. 88-11 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA MAKING ADDITIONS, DELETIONS AND <br />AMENDMENTS TO ARTICLE IX (FIRE <br />PREVENTION CODES AND STANDARDS), CODE OF <br />LAWS AND ORDINANCES OF INDIAN RIVER <br />COUNTY; PROVIDING FOR CONFLICTING <br />PROVISIONS; PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY; <br />PROVIDING FOR INCORPORATION IN THE CODE, <br />AND PROVIDING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />BE 'IT ORDAINED by the Board of County <br />Commissioners of Indian River County: <br />SECTION 1. <br />Section 4=110, Code -'of Laws and Ordinances is <br />amended to read: <br />'Sect ion 4-110. Adoption. <br />Indian River County and the respective fire <br />districts in Indian River County hereby adopt the following <br />codes for the purpose of prescribing rules and regulations <br />governing conditions that could cause a potential hazard to <br />life and property: <br />(1) The Fire Prevention Code, 1976 Edition, <br />recommended by the American Insurance <br />Association, as amended. <br />(2) The National Fire Protection Association, <br />(NFPA) 101, Life Safety Code, rh0lfi1W?101Y1 <br />1981 1985 edition. <br />(3) National Fire Protection Association, <br />Standard for the Storage and Handling of <br />Liquified Petroleum Gases (NFPA 115411, 1980 <br />1984 edition and "58", 1983 1986 edition). <br />(4) The state fire marshal's rules and <br />regulations of Florida, promulgated by the <br />division of state fire marshal. <br />(5). The Standard Fire Prevention Code, 1982 <br />CODING. Words in StrOCK/fora go type are deletions from <br />existing laws words underlined are additions. <br />1 <br />