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C. To a scale not smaller than one inch represents one <br />hundred (100) feet. For subdivisions exceeding one hundred <br />(100) acres, the scale may be as small as one inch <br />represents two hundred (200) feet or as approved by the <br />community development director. <br />d. Clearly drawn or printed with permanent black <br />drawing ink. <br />e. On linen tracing cloth or stable base film a <br />minimum of 0.003 inches thick coated upon completion with <br />plastic material or a. nonadhered scaled print on a stable <br />base film made by photographic processes to assure <br />permanency. <br />f. Printed with lettering no smaller than 1/8", with a <br />commensurate letter -line width. <br />SECTION 2. <br />Section 7(f)(7)a., Subdivision and Platting Ordinance <br />of Indian River County, Florida, is amended to read. <br />Section 7(f)(7)a. Dedications. The purpose of all <br />reserved areas shown or referred to on the plat and of the <br />improvements shall be defined in the dedication. All areas <br />reserved for use by the residents of the subdivision and all <br />areas or facilities intended for public use, shall be <br />specifically dedicated by the owner of the land at the time <br />the plat is recorded. All streets, rights-of-way, <br />easements, recreation facilities, storm water management <br />tracts and their related facilities designed to serve more <br />than one property owner shall be dedicated to the public <br />use, or to a property owners' association for private use. <br />Where private dedications are involved, ownership and <br />maintenance association documents shall be submitted with <br />the final plat. The dedication shall clearly dedicate the <br />private facilities to the association without recourse to <br />the county or any other public agency. All dedicated areas <br />shall be identified as tracts unless all such areas are <br />dedicated to one entity and clearly identifiable. All <br />CODING: Words in AfrVICk/throvign type are deletions from <br />existing law; underlined are additions. <br />