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.-� - 1/25/88.1LEGAL(ORD)Vk/TP <br />ORDINANCE NO. 88- 8 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA, REQUIRING CERTAIN UTILITIES <br />OPERATING UNDER EXISTING OR FUTURE <br />FRANCHISES TO CONNECT TO COUNTY -OPERATED <br />PUBLIC WATER OR SEWER SYSTEM OR BOTH <br />WHEN AVAILABLE, PROVIDING FOR PAYMENT OF <br />IMPACT FEES OVER TIME; PROVIDING <br />.SEVERABILITY AND AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, ACTING <br />THROUGH ITS BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, THAT: <br />SECTION 1. UTILITIES REQUIRED TO CONNECT TO <br />------------------------------------------------- <br />COUNTY UTILITY SYSTEM <br />--------------------- <br />It shall be a condition of any franchise issued in <br />the future by the Board of County Commissioners to any <br />water and/or sewer utility that if and when a <br />County -operated water and/or sewer system is available, as <br />that term is defined in Ordinance No. 84-18, that the <br />utility connect its system to the County system regardless <br />of the means by which it has been providing water and/or <br />sewer service to its customers. This connection shall be at <br />the -standard county rates, fees, and charges, including <br />impact fees, without regard to the fact that the utility or <br />owners or both may have constructed and paid for, or are <br />paying for, an -alternate water and sewer system, even one in <br />good operating condition. <br />SECTION 2. REQUIREMENT TO APPLY TO EXISTING <br />-------------------------------------------------- <br />UILITY FRANCHISES WHERE APPROPRIATE <br />----------------------------------- <br />Where consistent with law existing Utilities with <br />franchises issued by Indian River County which require the <br />connection under certain conditions are authorized by this <br />ordinance to pay the requisite fees, charges, and rates, <br />including impact fees, over time as specified by the County <br />in its financing plan for the expansion of the County <br />Utilities System. <br />1 <br />