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AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, AMENDING <br />THE FOLLOWING CHAPTERS OF THE LAND DEVELOPMENT <br />REGULATIONS (LDRS): CHAPTER 901, DEFINITIONS; CHAPTER <br />904, NONCONFORMITIES; CHAPTER 911, ZONING; CHAPTER 913, <br />SUBDIVISIONS AND PLATS; CHAPTER 952, TRAFFIC; CHAPTER <br />954, OFF-STREET PARKING; CHAPTER 971, REGULATIONS FOR <br />SPECIFIC LAND USE CRITERIA; AND PROVIDING FOR REPEAL OF <br />CONFLICTING PROVISIONS, CODIFICATION, SEVERABILITY AND <br />EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />SECTION 1: Amend Section 911.09(g) as follows. <br />Regulation Unit RMH-6 RMH-8 <br />Maximum Density D.U. per gross acre 6.0 8.0 <br />Minimum lot size sq. ft. 71000 51000 <br />Minimum lot width <br />SF feet 70 50 <br />Minimum Yard feet <br />Front 20 20 <br />Side 101 101 <br />Rear 20 20 <br />Maximum building feet 35 35 <br />height <br />Maximum building <br />coverage <br />Mobile Home percent of lot 40 40 <br />Other 30 30 <br />Minimum open space percent of gross area 35 35 <br />Minimum district size acre 20 20 <br />lExcept that side yards for mobile home parks in existence prior to <br />April 11, 1985 (regardless of current zoning), shall be established <br />as follows: every mobile home residence shall be located on a space <br />so that no living space is closer than twenty (20) feet to any <br />adjacent living space and no accessory structure shall be located <br />closer than ten (10) feet to any structure on an adjoining space. <br />An accessory open carport or a combination open carport/storage <br />shed structure may be located within three (3) feet of a structure <br />on an adjoining park space if the accessory structure is on a pari <br />space having an area of less than 5,000 square feet and if the park <br />space was lawfully established prior to site plan or permitting <br />requirements or was created in accordance with site plan and <br />permitting requirements in effect at the time of the park space <br />establishment. <br />SECTION 2 (AIB, & C): <br />A. Section 901.03 is. hereby amended as follows to add the <br />definition of "residential resort": <br />Residential resort: a development of no less than twenty-five <br />(25) acres, containing resort housing and accessory <br />Coding: Words in Lqj3M3K1j• type are deletions from existing law. <br />Words underlined are additions. <br />�r <br />A77ACHMEMi 4 <br />