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ORDINANCE NO. 95-07 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA PROVIDING FOR A <br />DECLARATION OF COUNTY POLICY TO PROHIBIT DISCRIMINATION IN HOUSING <br />ON THE BASIS OF RACE, COLOR, ANCESTRY, NATIONAL ORIGIN, RELIGION, <br />SEX, MARITAL STATUS, FAMILIAL STATUS, HANDICAP, OR AGE; PROVIDING <br />DEFINITIONS, DESIGNATING AS UNLAWFUL CERTAIN DISCRIMINATORY HOUSING <br />PRACTICES IN THE SALE OR RENTAL OF HOUSING AS WELL AS IN <br />ADVERTISING IN CONNECTION THEREWITH, IN THE FINANCING OF HOUSING, <br />AND IN BROKERAGE SERVICES RELATED TO HOUSING; PROVIDING FOR CERTAIN <br />EXEMPTIONS AND EXCEPTIONS; PROVIDING FOR AN ADMINISTRATOR TO BE <br />DESIGNATED BY THE COUNTY COMMISSION AND PRESCRIBING THE GENERAL <br />POWERS AND DUTIES OF SUCH ADMINISTRATOR; PRESCRIBING ACTION UPON A <br />DETERMINATION OF PROBABLE CAUSE, AND AUTHORIZING THE PROMULGATION <br />OF FORMS AND REGULATIONS; MAKING PROVISION FOR THE FILING OF <br />COMPLAINTS AND RESPONSES THERETO, AND THE PROCESSING THEREOF BY THE <br />ADMINISTRATOR; PROVIDING FOR ADDITIONAL REMEDIES; INFORMATION; <br />PROHIBITING UNTRUTHFUL COMPLAINTS OR FALSE TESTIMONY; AND PROVIDING <br />FOR PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION OF SUCH ORDINANCE. <br />SECTION 1. DECLARATION OF POLICY. <br />It is the policy of Indian River County, in keeping with the <br />laws of the United States of America, to promote through fair, <br />orderly and lawful procedure the opportunity for each person so <br />desiring to obtain housing of such person's choice in this County, <br />without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, <br />sex, marital status, familial status, handicap, or age, and, to <br />that end, to prohibit discrimination in housing by any person. <br />SECTION 2. DEFINITIONS. <br />The terms as used herein shall be defined as follows: <br />a. Administrator - That person appointed by the County Commission <br />pursuant to Section 6 hereof, <br />b. Age - Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the word <br />age as used herein shall refer exclusively to persons who are <br />z <br />18 years of age or older, <br />c. Discriminatory housing. practice:l.- An act that is unlawful <br />under Section 4 hereof; <br />14 <br />d. Family - One or more persons living together as a single <br />housekeeping unit in a dwelling; <br />