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.��, 6/21/95(ord\1-iomerule)Vj1c / <br />ORDINANCE NO. 95- 16 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, <br />RELATING TO FINANCING CAPITAL PROJECTS AND <br />RELATED PURPOSES; AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF <br />OBLIGATIONS BY THE COUNTY PAYABLE FROM ANY <br />FUNDS LEGALLY AVAILABLE FOR SUCH PURPOSE TO <br />FINANCE OR REFINANCE THE PROJECTS; AUTHORIZING <br />THE INVESTMENT OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF <br />SUCH OBLIGATIONS AND THE SECURITY FOR THEIR <br />PAYMENT IN CERTAIN INSTRUMENTS; AND PROVIDING <br />AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, that: <br />SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE <br />This ordinance shall be known and may be cited as the <br />"Consolidated Home Rule Financing Ordinance." <br />SECTION 2. AUTHORITY FOR ORDINANCE <br />This ordinance is enacted pursuant to Article VIII, <br />Section 1, Florida Constitution (1968), Chapter 125, Florida <br />Statutes, and other applicable provisions of law. <br />SECTION 3. FINDINGS <br />It is hereby found, determined and declared by the Board <br />of County Commissioners (the "Board") of Indian River County, <br />Florida (the "County") as follows: <br />A. Pursuant to Article VIII, Section 1, Florida <br />Constitution (1968), and Chapter 125, Florida Statutes, the County <br />has all powers of local self-government to perform county functions <br />and to render county services in a manner not inconsistent with <br />general or special law, and such power may be exercised, among <br />other ways, by the enactment of county ordinances. <br />Be It is necessary for the public health, safety, and <br />general welfare of the County and its citizens that provision be <br />made (1) to acquire, construct, improve, and equip from time to <br />time capital projects which serve a county purpose, and (2) to <br />finance the cost of such projects by the issuance of certain <br />obligations, as described below. <br />-1- <br />