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ORDINANCE 2005- 015 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS OF . INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, <br />ADOPTING TITLE X, IMPACT FEES, AND AMENDING CODE <br />SECTION 953, FAIR SHARE ROADWAY IMPROVEMENTS, <br />OF •THE CODE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY TO PROVIDE <br />FOR ASSESSING AND COLLECTING IMPACT FEES <br />--w' I#EREAS, the Board of County Commissioners has the authority to adopt this <br />title pursuant to Article VIII, Florida Constitution, and Florida Statutes Chapters 125 and <br />163; and <br />WHEREAS, this title is intended to implement and be consistent with the county <br />comprehensive plan; and <br />WHEREAS, the purpose of this title is to regulate the use and development of <br />land so as to ensure that new development bears 'a proportionate share of the cost of <br />the capital expenditures necessary to provide emergency services facilities, correctional <br />facilities, public buildings, law enforcement facilities, library facilities, solid waste <br />facilities, park and recreation facilities, public education facilities and <br />traffic/transportation facilities in the county, and <br />WHEREAS, the existing emergency services facilities; correctional facilities; <br />public buildings; ,law enforcement facilities, library facilities; solid waste facilities; park <br />and recreation facilities; public education facilities, and traffic facilities are not sufficient <br />to accommodate anticipated new development without decreasing the existing levels of <br />service of those facilities;eend <br />WHEREAS, measurable level of service standards are established in the <br />County's comprehensive Plan or need to be established for each of the above listed <br />public services; and <br />WHEREAS, existing revenue sources are not sufficient to fund capital <br />improvements necessary to accommodate new development; and <br />WHEREAS, new development creates an increased need and demand for <br />services and facilities and therefore should contribute its fair share of the costs of <br />providing new facilities necessary to accommodate new development; and <br />WHEREAS, impact fees provide a reasonable method ®f; .ensuring that new <br />development pays its fair share of the capital, costs of public services and facilities <br />necessary to accommodate the new development andnewdevelopment will derive a <br />substantial benefit from facilities funded by impact fees;;and <br />WHEREAS, the revenue received from the impact fees set forth in this chapter <br />shall not be used to correct existing deficiencies, and <br />