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ORDINANCE 2004-023 <br />ek go-kg4 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA, AMENDING CODE SECTION 102.01: <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETINGS <br />AND PROCEDURES, TO PROVIDE FOR ONE NIGHT <br />TIME MEETING PER MONTH <br />WHEREAS, Ordinances 90-19, and 2000-002 established and amended <br />procedures for meetings for the Indian River County Board of Commissioners; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, the Commission holds its regular meeting every Tuesday <br />morning, except the last Tuesday of the month; and <br />WHEREAS, a recent special meeting of the Commission was held during <br />the evening hours and the meeting was well attended; and <br />WHEREAS, the Board and staff have received comments from the public <br />and interested parties that holding a meeting after normal working hours may <br />increase attendance and involvement by citizens; and <br />WHEREAS, the Board recognizes that it is a hardship for some citizens to <br />take time off from work in order to address the commission; <br />NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of County <br />Commissioners of Indian River County, that section 102.01.1 of the Indian River <br />Code is hereby amended as follows: <br />Section 102.01 Board of county commissioners meetings and procedures. <br />1. Time. - - - -•- - - - - - - - _.- The county commission <br />shall generally hold regular meetings on Tuesday of each month beginning at <br />9:00 a.m. except for the second Tuesday of each month the regular meeting will <br />begin at 6:00 pm. There shall be no commission meeting on the last Tuesday of <br />each month. When the day fixed for any regular meeting of the commission is a <br />holiday recognized by the county the meeting shall be held at the same time on <br />the next Tuesday not a holiday unless the meeting is cancelled otherwise <br />rescheduled by the commission. <br />2. — 5. No change. <br />F:\Attorney\Bill\Ordinance Amendments\Night Meetings\ord for night meetings.doc <br />