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• <br />ORDINANCE NO. 2005- 025 <br />Except as otherwise provided by Florida Statutes, the county <br />administrator or his designee is granted authority to purchase or contract for <br />supplies, materials, equipment, real property, or services (other than services under <br />section 287 055, F.S.) costing We fifty thousand dollars ($5,000.00) ($50,000.00) or <br />less for the county after taking such action as the county administrator shall deem <br />necessary to obtain the best price for the county. Any such purchase or contract <br />may be executed by the county administrator in the name of the county without <br />commission action, although copies of any such contracts shall be available to the <br />commission for inspection. In an emergency, contracts for purchase of parts or <br />repairs to then -existing county equipment or machinery may be purchased or <br />contracted by the county administrator in his capacity as the county administrator, <br />provided the county administrator certifies that a true emergency exists, and routes a <br />copy of the contract to the commission for its inspection with a memorandum <br />describing the emergency situation. <br />S ECTION 2. <br />S ection 105.02 County commission, is amended to read: <br />S ection 105.02. County commission. <br />Any county purchase of supplies, material, equipment, or services in <br />excess of the authority provided in section 105.01 or the Purchasing Policies and <br />Procedures Manual, and services subject to section 287.055, F.S. shall be approved <br />by the county commission. Purchase orders covering such purchases shall be noted <br />as approved by the county commission and of $50,000.00 or less may be executed <br />by the county administrator. If a formal written, integrated contract, in excess of five <br />fifty thousand dollars ($5,000.00) ($50,000.00), is required for such purchases, said <br />contract shall be signed by the chairman, the clerk, and the county administrator, <br />and approved as to form and legal sufficiency by the county attorney. Any purported <br />contract not so executed shall be void ab initio and shall have no force and effect <br />whatsoever. The county commission may enter into contracts under this paragraph <br />based on the recommendations of the county administrator, bidding procedures, or <br />such other methods that the commission determines are in the best interest of the <br />county. In addition, the county commission may direct the county administrator to <br />take several bids and negotiate with these bidders to obtain an offer that is more <br />advantageous to the county. <br />S ECTION 3. EFFECTIVE DATE <br />This ordinance shall take upon filing with the Florida Department of <br />S ECTION 4. CODIFICATION. <br />It is the intention of the Board of County Commissioners that the <br />provision of this ordinance shall become and be made part of the Indian River <br />Coding: Words/letters underscored are additions to text; words/letters in <br />format are deletions to text. <br />2 <br />F:\Attorney\Nancy\DOCS\ORD\ord amending purchasing.doc <br />