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ORDINANCE 2005- 007 <br />land development permit. The plat shall be accompanied by: <br />1. A complete final plat application as furnished by the planning department; <br />2. The appropriate filing fee and application; <br />3. A certificate of concurrency covering the area to be platted; <br />4. When required in conjunction with a construction contract or maintenance <br />agreement, a certified cost estimate shall be prepared by the developer's <br />engineer and shall include the cost of surveying, engineering and construction <br />of all required improvements in substantially the following form: <br />CERTIFICATE OF COST ESTIMATE <br />A Florida registered engineer, License No. , do hereby <br />certify to Indian River County that a cost estimate has been prepared under <br />my responsible direction for those improvements itemized in this exhibit and <br />that the total cost estimatefor,said improvements is $ This <br />estimate has been prepared, in prt, to induce approval by the county of a <br />final plat for the Subdivision, and for the purpose of establishing <br />proper surety amounts associated therewith. <br />(Signature) <br />(Name, Florida Registered Engineer <br />License No. ) <br />(AFFIX SEAL) <br />or the actual contract price(s) may be substituted for the engineer's cost <br />estimate;. For residential subdivisions, contracts for construction of <br />required improvements shall be limited to sidewalks, the second or final <br />layer of asphalt for roadways, minor items approved by the public works <br />director, and any required off-site improvements that are identified in an <br />approved developer's agreement as "bondable" items. [Note: the <br />provision in the preceding sentence shall apply to all complete final plat <br />applications received after June 15, 2005 and to all plat projects for <br />which no land development permit application was filed by March 15, <br />2005. All final plats approved after September 20, 2005 shall comply <br />with these "Section 1" changes, regardless of the date a complete final <br />plat application was filed.] <br />5. Appropriate security for required improvements as specified in section <br />913.10 of this chapter unless a certificate of completion has been issued by <br />the community development division; <br />6. Ten (10) copies of the final plat drawing showing required information and <br />certifications; <br />Bold Underline: Added text <br />c..:vgh: Deleted Text <br />F:\Community Development\Users\CurDev\ORDINANCE\2005\Bonding out for residentail subdivision.rtf <br />3 <br />