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ORDINANCE NO. 2000- 0 2 3 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, AMENDING <br />THE FOLLOWING CHAPTER OF THE LAND DEVELOPMENT <br />REGULATIONS (LDRS): CHAPTER 953, FAIRSHARE ROADWAY <br />IMPROVEMENTS; AND PROVIDING FOR REPEAL OF CONFLICTING <br />PROVISIONS, CODIFICATION, SEVERABILITY AND EFFECTIVE DATE, <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER <br />COUNTY, FLORIDA THAT THE INDIAN RIVER COUNTY LAND DEVELOPMENT <br />REGULATIONS (LDRS) BE AMENDED AS FOLLOWS. <br />L Table of contents in LDR Chapter Section 953, is amended as follows: <br />CHAPTER 953, FAIR SHARE ROADWAY IMPROVEMENTS <br />Sec. 953.01. Short title. <br />Sec. 953.02. Authority to enact chapter. <br />Sec. 953.03. Applicability. <br />Sec. 953.04. Purpose. <br />Sec.en,953.05. Legislative finding. <br />Sec. 953.06. Definitions, <br />Sec. 953.07. Fee. <br />Sec. 953.08. Time of payment. <br />Sec. 953.09. Interpretation of the chapter and fee schedule. <br />Sec. 953.10. Credit against payment of traffic impact fees. <br />Coding: Words in stf-ike thfough type are deletions from existing law. Words underlined are additions. <br />u\d\ord\tif ldr amend ord Page 1 of 8 <br />