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ORDINANCE 2006- ,024 <br />In lieu of buffering requirements specified in Chapters 911 and 913, the <br />following buffer requirements shall apply to small lot single-family <br />subdivision proiects: <br />A. Buffers Adiacent to Collector and Arterial Roads. A 25' wide <br />Type "B" buffer with 6' opaque feature shall be provided along <br />all perimeters that are adiacent to collector and arterial roads. <br />B. Buffers for Other Perimeters. A 10' wide Type "C" buffer with <br />3' opaque feature shall be provided along all perimeters that are <br />not adiacent to collector and arterial roads. <br />BC. The buffer improvement(s) shall be located within a buffer <br />easement(s) or tracts as designated on the small lot subdivision <br />plat. Said easement(s)or tracts shall be ,depicted on the final plat <br />and shall be dedicated to the subdivision's property owners' <br />association to ensure maintenance of the buffer improvements. The <br />buffer easement improvement(s) shall be considered a required <br />subdivision improvement and shall be provided in accordance with <br />the provisions of section 913.08 of the land development regulations. <br />ED. No structure(s), other than those related to buffering, drainage or <br />utilities, shall be located in the buffer easement. <br />7. In lieu of the green/recreation space, swale, curbing, and sidewalk <br />requirements of Chapters 911 and 913, the following requirements shall <br />apply: <br />A. A minimum 7.5% of the total proiect area shall be provided as <br />green space/recreation space. Said area may consist of preserved <br />wetlands and or native uplands, park space, pools, day-care <br />space, clubhouses, ball -courts, playgrounds, play -field areas, or <br />similar uses approved by the community development director. <br />Said area(s) shall be designed to be conveniently accessible and <br />useable by all proiect residents. <br />B. Sidewalks (minimum 4' width) shall be provided along both sides <br />of all streets unless an alternative design is approved by the <br />community development director. <br />Bold Underline: Additions to Ordinance 3 <br />St Eike *4ottgh Deleted Text from Existing Ordinance <br />FACommunity Development\Users\CurDev\ORDINANCE\2006\2006- 971.41(9) small lot.RTF <br />