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ORDINANCE NO. 2005: <br />050 <br />SUBJECT TO EASEMENTS, RESERVATIONS, RESTRICTIONS AND RIGHTS-OF-WAY OF <br />RECORD. <br />is changed from A-1, Agricultural -1 District (up to 1 unit/ 5acres) to RM -6, Multiple -Family <br />Residential District (up to 6 units/acre). <br />All with the meaning and intent and as set forth and described in said Land Development <br />Regulations. <br />This ordinance shall become effective upon filing with the Department of State. <br />Approved and adopted by the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida, on this 13th day of December, 2005. <br />This ordinance was advertised in the Press -Journal on the 28th day of November, 2005, <br />fora public hearing to be held on the 13th day of December, 2005, at which time it was moved for <br />adoption by Commissioner Davis , seconded by Commissioner Lowther <br />and adopted by the following vote: <br />Thomas S Lowther, Chairman <br />Arthur R. Neuberger, Vice Chairman <br />Wesley S. Davis, Commissioner <br />Gary C. Wheeler, Commissioner <br />Sandra L. Bowden, Commissioner <br />Aye <br />Nay <br />Aye <br />Nay <br />Aye <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. <br />OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />Thomas S. Lowther, Chairman <br />ATTEST BY• <br />• <br />Jeffrey K. Barton, Clerk <br />This ordinance was filed with the Department of State on the following date: 12 <br />Page 2 of 3 <br />