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�. <br />WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1974 <br />THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER <br />COUNTY, FLORIDA MET IN SPECIAL SESSION AT THE COURTHOUSE, <br />VERO BEACH, FLORIDA ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13,1974 <br />AT 8:30 O'CLOCK A.M. PRESENT WERE ALMA LEE Loy, CHAIRMAN; <br />EDWARD J. MASSEY, VICE CHAIRMAN; JACK U. DRITENBAS,''..RICHARD� <br />P. BOGOSIAN. WILLARD W. SIEBERT, JR. WAS ABSENT. ALSO <br />PRESENT WERE JACK G. JENNINGS, COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR; PAUL D, <br />BURCH, ATTORNEY TO THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS; L.S. <br />THOMAS, COUNTY FINANCIAL COORDINATOR; ROY KIRKLAND, FINANCE <br />OFFICER AND ELIZABETH FORLANI, DEPUTY CLERK. <br />THE CHAIRMAN CALLED THE MEETING TO ORDER AND <br />STATED THAT <br />THE PURPOSE OF THIS MEETING IS TO <br />DISCUSS THE <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONER BUDGET. <br />THE BOARD AGREED <br />TO THE FOLLOWING <br />CHANGES. <br />ACCOUNT N0. <br />TITLE <br />APPROOPRRIATION <br />' <br />FROM <br />TO <br />01-2322102 <br />CT. <br />JIRCUIT <br />ALARIES <br />$ 9,300.00 <br />$ 825.00 <br />01-6101402ECR <br />ATION <br />EW �QUIPMENT <br />100,000.00 <br />40,000.00 <br />01-7100102 <br />ENTERPRISES <br />�UBLICSERVICE <br />zILITY COMM. <br />JALARIES <br />30,000.00 <br />5,000.00 <br />01-7100204 <br />SUPPLY & <br />%C. <br />PENSE <br />18,000.00 <br />3,000.00 <br />01-8994605 <br />REPQYMENT OF LO N <br />178,000.00 <br />J. <br />�IAX ASSESSOR <br />8,000.00 <br />01-9101601 <br />T ANSFER TO OTHER <br />�UNDS <br />625,000.00 <br />225,194.00 <br />04-2670401 <br />MAJ. BLDG. IM- <br />PROVEMENTS <br />126,600.00 <br />-00- <br />04-3321401 <br />JUV. DETENTION <br />CENTER <br />43,500.00 <br />-00- <br />10-0002101 <br />EST. CASH BAL. <br />FORWARD <br />700,000.00 <br />850,000.00 <br />30-0002101 <br />EST, CASH BAL. <br />FORWARD <br />150,000.00 <br />200,000.00 <br />FEB 1 1914 on 19 PAcr27� <br />