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RESOLUTION NO. 2004- loo <br /> A RESOLUTION OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, <br /> AMENDING THE FISCAL YEAR 2003-2004 BUDGET. <br /> WHEREAS, certain appropriation and expenditure amendments to the <br /> adopted Fiscal Year 2003-2004 Budget are to be made by resolution pursuant to <br /> section 129.06(2)(a)-(e), Florida Statutes (2002); and <br /> WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County <br /> desires to amend the fiscal year 2003-2004 budget, as more specifically set forth <br /> in Exhibit "A" attached hereto and by this reference made a part hereof, <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br /> COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, that the Fiscal Year <br /> 2003-2004 Budget be and hereby is amended as set forth in Exhibit "A" upon <br /> adoption of this Resolution. <br /> This Resolution was moved for adoption by Commissioner <br /> Adams , and the motion was seconded by Commissioner Neuberger , <br /> and, upon being put to a vote, the vote was as follows: <br /> Chairman Caroline D. Ginn A�,P <br /> Vice Chairman Arthur R. Neuberger Aye <br /> Commissioner Fran B. Adams Aye <br /> Commissioner Thomas S. Lowther Aye <br /> Commissioner Kenneth R. Macht AyP <br /> The Chairman thereupon declared this Resolution duly passed and adopted <br /> this 2,st day of S temtPr , <br /> 2004. <br /> Y INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br /> Attest: J. K. Barton,`C1,erk1 Board of County Commissioners <br /> B By <br /> Deputy Clerk Caroline D. Gi n <br /> 4, <br /> `''`� .54 �t Chairman <br /> PROVED AS TO FORM <br /> ND LEGA FFIC CY <br /> P Y <br /> O:\Budgetllason\budget amendments 200304\budget amendment resolution.doc <br />