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RESOLUTION NO. 2002- 018 <br /> RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA AMENDING THE <br /> DEVELOPMENT ORDER (DO) APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF <br /> COUNTY COMMISSIONERS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF <br /> REGIONAL IMPACT (DRI) PROJECT FORMERLY KNOWS AS <br /> VILLAGE GREEN WEST & VILLAGE GREEN SOUTH, <br /> SUBSEQUENTLY KNOWN AS COUNTRYSIDE NORTH & <br /> COUNTRY SIDE SOUTH AND NOW KNOWN AS COUNTRYSIDE <br /> MOBILE HOME PARK, VERO PALM ESTATES MOBILE HOME <br /> PARK, AND BLUE WATER SUBDIVISION. <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 380 Florida Statutes, the Board of <br /> County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida has adopted Resolution 81-59 <br /> (adopted August 19, 1981) establishing the Development Order (DO) and approving the <br /> Development of Regional Impact (DRI) for the project formerly known as Village Green <br /> West & Village Green South, subsequently new known as Countryside North & <br /> Countryside South and now known as Countryside Mobile Home Park Vero Palm <br /> Estates Mobile Home Park. and Blue Water Subdivision <br /> WHEREAS, one of the project developers, ga a T, ec of Vere Beaelrb-Blue Water <br /> Realty LLC, has formally applied for and has agreed to certain changes to the <br /> development approval relating to the Master Development Plan for the overall DRI <br /> proj ect; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of <br /> Indian River County,Florida that: <br /> 1. The Board of County Commissioners finds that the proposed changes to the DRI <br /> plan, , and to the DO do not constitute a substantial deviation <br /> pursuant to Chapter 380 of the Florida Statutes. <br /> 2. The notification of proposed change application and materials submitted on behalf <br /> of the developer, along with subsequent and related staff and applicant <br /> correspondence are hereby incorporated by reference into the Application for <br /> Development Approval(ADA) for the project. <br /> 3. All conditions and restrictions specified in the project Development Order <br /> (Resolution 81-59) shall remain in full force and effect. <br /> 4. The Master Development Plan as shown in Exhibit 12-2 (Revision 1) attached, is <br /> hereby added to the project and approved for residential and commercial <br /> development, subject to paragraph 14 of this resolution. <br /> Coding:Words in stfikedffeugh are deletions from the previous D.O.resolution. Words underlined are 1 <br /> additions. <br /> I XT.'TT T70rn VT7n\nTrTbT T\.._...7-_�__ATT_.._..\/"�.._T\.._.\n O_7\!"�,..._a�._�.7,.Arnnn .7.... <br />