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1 <br />1 <br />tUESDAYt MARCH 18th 1930. <br />At the regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida, held in Vero Beach, at 10 o'clock A.M.Tuesday, March 18th 1930, the following <br />members of the Board were present: Albert 0. Helseth, Chairman; J. D.Yongue; J. Vi. <br />IaBruce; and John H. Atkin, Absent J.J.P.Hami.lton. also present were ]files Warren, <br />Clerk and Lake F me r, Deputy She riff . <br />Mrs. T.A. Simonson appeared before the Board regarding rent on warehouse in Vero <br />Beach in which is housed property of the lawrence Construction Company. <br />After consideration it was ordered that the sum of $25.0-0 rent be paid which is <br />to be accepted in full for any and all claims against the County for rent, Mrs. Simonson <br />agreeing to execute release and discharge and release any and all claims against the <br />property stored therein by the Lawrence Construction Company. <br />X. E. Dalemappeared before the Board. regarding drainage facilities in the Oslo <br />District. It .was ordered be he pennitted to dig ditch for drainage on road right-of-way <br />under the supe rvi si on of the County Engineer. <br />L. A. Moeller appeared regarding partial release of judgment held by the County <br />against J. W. Brunen offering to pay $100.00 for release as to Dot 2 Block 3 Carter's <br />Subdivision. It was ordered that the Chairman. and Clerk execute partial release of <br />this judgment upon the payment of amount indicated, releaskng this lot from the opera- <br />tion of the judgment. <br />The Clerk was instructed to write W. J. Hendry, Okeechobee that there is no closed <br />season in the County on fresh water fishing, and that he has the right to fish for gar <br />and cat f ish in any f resp waters in Indian River County. <br />It was ordered that the County Engineer be given authority to purchase a pump, <br />at a cost not exceeding <br />the awunt <br />required <br />to be advertised f or. <br />It vas ordered that <br />insurance <br />policies <br />on County property be returned and item <br />##4 be reduced to 819000.00 instead of 039000. as at present on each policy issued. <br />The policies now on hand were ordered, on motion of John H. Atkin, seconded by J. Wo <br />IaBruce, returned to the Insurance Board of Vero Beach for proper distribution among <br />the several Board members. Commissioner J. D. Yongue voting against such motion. <br />The labor pay rolls of 'c-ounty road forces having been presented by the County <br />Engineer were examined, and found correct, were approved and warrants ordered issued <br />against the Road and Bridge Fund in settlement of some. 'Such warrants as issued being <br />listed completely in the County Finance Record as provided by law, reference to such <br />recorded list being made a part of these minutes as fully and completely as if the said <br />warrants were li 4 e d herein in detail. -'�------� <br />There being no further business on motion made, seconded and carried, the Board <br />adjourned until the next regular meeting, unless sooner called together by order of the <br />Chairman. <br />ATTESTS <br />C 1 e rk. <br />✓I <br />