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RESOLUTION NO. 2009- 002 <br />WHEREAS, through this legislative creation of the Water <br />Management Districts of the State of Florida, the surface water system of <br />the Fort Drum Marsh lies in western Indian River and St. Lucie and eastern <br />Okeechobee Counties, which was previously connected, are now <br />physically disconnected, and previous Flood Control Act project designs <br />and associated stormwater routing are now hindered from functioning as <br />an effective regional system, thus limiting the options available for more <br />effective surface water management for the multi -faceted benefits of <br />environmental water quality and discharges, water supply, ground water <br />recharge and flood control; and <br />WHEREAS, in recognition of the potential benefits associated with <br />this reconnection project, both the St. Johns River Water Management <br />District and the South Florida Water Management District, contracted <br />jointly for an engineering study to determine the feasibility and associated <br />benefits with this reconnection project; and <br />WHEREAS, the engineer's report on behalf of both the Water <br />Management Districts concluded the proposed reconnection project and <br />associated structural components would (i) be beneficial through the <br />reduction of fresh water — stormwater discharges into the Indian River <br />Lagoon, a protected national estuary; (ii) improve surface water storage <br />and flood water routing; (iii) create positive ground water recharge; (iv) and <br />provide a related decrease in ground water withdrawals; and <br />WHEREAS, in consideration of the potential dynamics associated <br />with climate changes in Florida as witnessed most recently by flooding <br />associated with Tropical Storm Fay, and the multi -faceted benefits <br />associated with improved surface water management through the <br />construction and operations of a project as proposed, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, that: <br />1. The Board supports the efforts of the St. Johns and South <br />Florida Water Management Districts and other interested parties to move <br />this regional water management project forward to a successful <br />conclusion. <br />2. The Board supports the physical reconnection of the St. Johns <br />and South Florida Water Management Districts through the construction of <br />a series of interconnected reservoirs, stormwater treatment areas, and <br />canal systems within the Fort Drum Marsh Area to provide the multi- <br />faceted benefits of improved water quality, water quality/flood control, <br />reduced discharges into the Indian River Lagoon and improved regional <br />ground water recharges. <br />2 <br />