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RESOLUTION NO. 2002-034 <br /> the County, the proposed form of which is attached hereto as Exhibit "B" (the "Interlocal <br /> Agreement") is hereby authorized. The form of the Interlocal Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit <br /> "B" is hereby approved, subject to such changes, insertions and omissions and such filling in of <br /> blanks therein as may be approved and made in such form by the officers of the Board and Florida <br /> Housing executing the same, such execution and delivery to be conclusive evidence of such <br /> approval. <br /> SECTION 2. The Chairman or Vice Chairman and the Clerk or Assistant Clerk of the Board <br /> are hereby authorized and empowered to execute and deliver the Interlocal Agreement, subject to <br /> such changes, modifications, additions, deletions and substitutions as such officers executing the <br /> same shall approve, such execution to be conclusive evidence of such approval and to affix thereto <br /> or impress thereon the seal of the County. <br /> SECTION 3. The Bonds shall not constitute a debt,liability or obligation of the County or <br /> a pledge of the faith and credit of the County, and the County will not be liable on the Bonds,nor <br /> will the Bonds be payable out of any funds other than those pledged and assigned under the <br /> Indenture and the Loan Agreement, pursuant to the terms of which Florida Housing issues the <br /> Bonds. <br /> SECTION 4. It is expressly stated and agreed that the adoption of this Resolution is not a <br /> guaranty, express or implied, that Florida Housing will approve the issuance of the Bonds for the <br /> Project. The Developer shall hold the County, the Board and its past, present and future members, <br /> officers,staff,attorneys,financial advisors and employees harmless from any liability or claim based <br /> upon the failure of Florida Housing to close the transaction and issue the Bonds or any other cause <br /> of action arising from the adoption of this Resolution,the processing of the bond volume allocation <br /> request for the Project, or the issuance of the Bonds. The Developer recognizes that the County's <br /> 3 <br />