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Y - � <br /> 3. That it has the ability and intention to finance its share of the cost of the project <br /> and that the project will be operated and maintained at the expense of said INDIAN RIVER <br /> COUNTY for public use. <br /> (Name of Agency) <br /> 4. That it will not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color or <br /> national origin in the use of any property or facility acquired or developed pursuant to this <br /> proposal, and shall comply with the terms and intent of the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of <br /> 1964, P. L. 88-352 (1964) and design and construct all facilities to comply fully with statutes <br /> relating to accessibility by handicapped persons as well as other federal, state and local <br /> laws, rules and requirements. <br /> 5. That it will maintain adequate financial records on the proposed project to <br /> substantiate claims for reimbursement. <br /> 6. That it will make available to FIND if requested, a post-audit of expenses <br /> incurred on the project prior to, orcin conjunction with, request for the final 10% of the <br /> f. <br /> funding agreed to�by FIND i ' i <br /> TMA to certify that=the Aforegoing is a true and correct copy of a resolution duly and <br /> <x t r <br /> legally-)adopted �'BOARb OFVOUNTY COMMISSIONERS at a legal meeting <br /> .. 'thisw :4th ' 1ay 'February 2003 . <br /> JE `EERY K. BARtiTON Attes ENNETH R. MACHT Signature <br /> /'a!A t'r <br /> CLERK•T01THE BOARD CHAIRMAN <br /> Title Title <br /> Form No. 90-21 (Effective date 12-17-90,Rev. 10-14-92) (2) <br /> Indian River County Approved Date <br /> Administration I <br /> Budget 2743 <br /> Co.Attorney <br /> Risk Management <br /> Department z/ cFj <br /> Division <br />