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1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />TUESDAY, APRIM 15th 1930. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met <br />at the Court Mouse in Vero Beach, on Tuesday, April 15th 1930 at 10 o'clock A.M. <br />with the following members of the Board present: .Albert 0. Helseth, Chairman; J.D. <br />Yongue; J.W.IsBruce; J.J.P.Hamilton and John H Atkin. Also present were Miles War- <br />ren, Clerk and Clark .9. Rice, Sheriff. <br />Confederate Pension application of Etta Green Tyner, widow of Elijah S.Tyner, <br />Co. `"B" 17th Regiment ,tate of Alabama, was approved. <br />Herman J. Zeuch appeared before the Board respecting probable purchase of the <br />Campbell Arcade Building for use as a Court House. <br />It was ordered that an abstract be brought down to date on the Yeffer House <br />and property, to ascertain present condition of this property, the County holding a <br />mortgage on this property as security for moneys in the Vero Beach Bank & Trust Co., <br />now closed. <br />There appearing to the satisfaction of the Board of County Commissioners that <br />there is an error in the assessment of the following property, and that the valuations <br />on the 1930 tax roll have been materially reduced, and that the owners of the property <br />can refuse to pay the taxes and let the same go delinquent and redeem the same upon <br />the lowest valuation, it was ordered that the following described property be reduced <br />on the 1929 tax roll, so as to collect the sum of $1800.00 and the Tax Collector is <br />authorized to accept the same in full settlement of the taxes, to -wit: <br />South half Qec. <br />1, <br />Tp 32 <br />S -R 35 <br />All (ex SEJof SW -J) <br />11 <br />32 <br />35 <br />All Frac <br />12 <br />32 <br />35 <br />" <br />13 <br />32 <br />35 <br />14 <br />32 <br />35 <br />23 <br />32 <br />35 <br />25 <br />32 <br />35 <br />" "--less land <br />to Jennie Gray <br />35 <br />32 <br />35 <br />It appearing to the satisfaction of the Board that the lands of the Consolidated <br />Land Company, assessed for the year 1929, is much higher than the assessment for the <br />year 1930, and that the said Company can, by refusing to pay 1929 taxes and having <br />the same certified delinquent redeem the same at the lower valuation in later months, <br />it is therefore ordered that the Tax Collector be instructed to accept in payment of <br />all 1929 Mate and County taxes on these lands the sum of S <br />the amount now charged against the lands. <br />, in lieu of <br />The bill for labor pay rolls for work done on the County roads was submitted by <br />the County Engineer, and examined and approved, and warrants ordered issued in settle- <br />ment of same from. the Road & Bridge Fund. The warrants so drawn being listed comple- <br />tely in the County Finance Record, as provided by law, and reference to such Finance <br />Record and the list so recorded is made a part of these minutes as fully and completely <br />as if the said warrants were listed herein in detail. <br />There being no further business on motion made,. seconded and carried, the Board <br />adjourned until the regular meeting in May 1930. <br />ATTEST: <br />C 1e rk. <br />Chairman. <br />