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l .. 7 <br /> d <br /> 0 <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 2003- 044 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF <br /> COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN <br /> RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, IN <br /> OPPOSITION TO HOUSE BILL 1307. <br /> WHEREAS, House Bill 1307 has been introduced into the Florida <br /> Legislature, 2003 Session; and <br /> WHEREAS, House Bill 1307 is intended to facilitate the implementation <br /> of 911 service and E911 service; and <br /> WHEREAS, House Bill 1307 attempts to preempt local zoning and land <br /> development regulations with respect to 911 service; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Telecommunication Act of 1996 preserves the authority <br /> of local governments over decisions regarding the placement, construction and <br /> modification of personal wireless service facilities; and <br /> WHEREAS, .the authority of local governments to regulate tower <br /> transmission facilities is critical to addressing the local issues regarding <br /> community aesthetics, economic viability, property values, efficient land use and <br /> compatible zoning; and <br /> WHEREAS, Indian River County desires to support the deployment of <br /> emergency 911 services in a manner consistent with local values, <br /> 1 <br />