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• <br />.1 <br />/7 <br />Providing (First Reso.) 06-30-03/MJM/ktp <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2003- 1 4 9 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY FLORIDA, PROVIDING PAVING AND <br />DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS TO 34TH AVENUE BETWEEN 12TH <br />STREET AND 14TH STREET IN VERO PARK SUBDIVISION NO. 2 <br />(UNRECORDED), PROVIDING THE TOTAL ESTIMATED COST, <br />METHOD OF PAYMENT OF ASSESSMENTS, NUMBER OF ANNUAL <br />INSTALLMENTS AND LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF THE AREA <br />SPECIFICALLY BENEFITTED. <br />WHEREAS, the County Public Works Department has been petitioned for Road <br />Paving and Drainage Improvement for 34TH AVENUE BETWEEN 12TH STREET AND 14TH <br />STREET IN VERO PARK SUBDIVISION NO. 2 (UNRECORDED). <br />WHEREAS, the construction of paving and drainage improvements by special <br />assessment funding is authorized by Chapter 206, Section 206.01 through 206.09, Indian River <br />County Code; and cost estimates and preliminary assessment rolls have been completed by the <br />Public Works Department; and the total estimated cost of the proposed paving and drainage <br />improvements is ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED NINE DOLLARS AND <br />SIXTY SIX CENTS ($100,909.66); <br />WHEREAS, the special assessment provided hereunder shall, for any given record <br />owner of property within the area specially benefited, be in an amount equal to that proportion of <br />seventy-five percent (75%) of the total cost of the project ($75,682.25), plus a two percent (2%) <br />collection fee ($1,513.65) for a total assessment of $77,195.90, which the number of square feet of <br />property owned by the given owner bears to the total number of square feet of property within the <br />areas specially benefited and twenty five percent (25%) of the total cost of the project ($25,227.42) <br />will <br />F:\Engineering\Petition Paving\0126 34th Ave. 12th to 14th St\0126 Resolution-Providing-mjm.doc <br />1 <br />