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RESOLUTION NO. 2003- 047 <br />The Chairman declared the resolution duly passed and adopted this <br />2003. <br />TY COMMISSIONERS <br />OUNTY, FL%. ; <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER <br />A <br />15th <br />day of <br />The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this 15th <br />2003, by KENNETH R.MACHT, as Chairman of the Board of County oag of Apr i 1 <br />River County, Florida, and b mmissioners of Indian <br />BARTON, Clerk of the Board of �ty Commissioners <br />mmiisssiioners of Indian River County, , Deputy Clerk for JEFFREY K. <br />personally known to me.ty, Florida, who are <br />NOTARY PUBLIC <br />7)4 <br />Printed Name. Kimberly E assun_ g <br />Commission No.: CC855436 <br />Commission Expiration: Jul 15, 2003 <br />APPROVED AS TO LEGAL FORM: <br />William G. Collins II <br />County Attorney <br />ease.bccdoc <br />proj/apl. no. 99110156/32576 <br />40, <br />: Kimberly E. Massung <br />MY COMMISSION # CC855436 EXPIRES <br />July 15, 2003 <br />et,"BONDED TRU TROY FAIN INSURANCE, INC <br />