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P <br /> RESOLUTION 2003--04.3 <br /> 3. Notice of the adopting of this resolution shall be forthwith published once within thirty(30) <br /> days from the date of adoption hereof; and <br /> 4. The Clerk is hereby directed to record this resolution together with the proofs of publication <br /> required by Florida Statutes 336.10 in the Official Record Books of Indian River County <br /> without undue delay. <br /> 5. The right-of-way shall revert to Block 3 of Graves Addition to Wabasso Subdivision that is <br /> west of US 1. <br /> The foregoing resolution was offered by Commissioner Ginn who moved its <br /> adoption. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Adams ,and upon being put to <br /> a vote, the vote was as follows: <br /> Chairman Kenneth R. Macht Aye <br /> Vice-Chairman Caroline D. Ginn Aye <br /> Commissioner Fran Adams Aye <br /> Commissioner Thomas S. Lowther Aye <br /> Commissioner Arthur R. Neuberger Aye <br /> The Chairman thereupod declared the resolution duly passed and adopted this 8th day of <br /> A ri 1 <br /> P , 2003 <br /> Vail <br /> C, <br /> ATTEST- reffeyK Barton ,W BOARD O COUN Y COMMISSIONERS <br /> Ol <br /> unty of Indian R, r'- =f INDIZZ��� , <br /> M y. a , <br /> BY.� 4 <br /> BY. ;fi Kenneth R. Macht, Chairman <br /> YDe 'Gler�C'° W` '' Board of Count Commissioners c% <br /> puy °Qo y , . y <br /> BCC approved: April 8, 2003 <br /> cri <br /> s <br /> I HEREBY CERTIFI'.'that on this day, before me, and officer duly authorized in this State and . <br /> County to take acknowledgments, personally appeared Kenneth R_ Marht , and <br /> Maria Suesz as Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners and Deputy Clerk, -- <br /> respectively,to me known to be the persons described in and who executed the foregoing instrument "J , <br /> and they acknowledged before me that they executed the same. <br /> F:\Comnunity Development\Users\CurDev\RESOLUnTropical Avenue 031303.doc 2 <br />