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p <br /> IL <br /> EXHIBIT "A" <br /> RELEASE <br /> OF <br /> TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTION EASEMENT <br /> WHEREAS, Indian River County was granted a Temporary Construction Easement for <br /> the widening and improvement of in Indian River County, <br /> Florida, recorded in O. R. Book , Page ; and <br /> WHEREAS, the construction work is now completed, and the Temporary Construction <br /> Easement was to exist only until the completion of the construction; and <br /> WHEREAS, County staff has determined that the retention of the Temporary <br /> Construction Easement would serve no public purpose; and <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, THIS RELEASE OF TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTION <br /> EASEMENT is executed by INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of <br /> Florida, whose address is 1840 25th Street, Vero Beach, Florida 32960, Grantor, to <br /> whose address is <br /> , Grantee. <br /> Grantor does hereby release and abandon any and all right, title, and interest that it may <br /> have in the property described in the foregoing Temporary Construction Easement. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Grantor has caused these presents to be executed in its <br /> name this day of , 2004. <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br /> Approved as to form and legal By <br /> sufficiency: Public Works Director <br /> By <br /> Marian E. Fell <br /> Assistant County Attorney <br />