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.• <br />SHERIFF JOYCE APPEARED AND DISCUSSED WITH THE BOARD THE <br />POSSIBILITY OF A NEW PISTOL PERMIT ORDINANCE. HE INFORMED THE BOARD <br />THAT THE LEGISLATURE IS NOW WORKING ON A PISTOL PERMIT BILL AND SUGGESTED ' <br />WAITING UNTIL THEY TAKE ACTION BEFORE MAKING ANY CHANGES IN OUR PROCE- <br />DURES, <br />COMMISSIONER Loy STATED THAT SHE IS CONCERNED ABOUT OUR PISTOL. <br />PERMIT PROCEDURES AND RESPONSIBILITIES,#BUT AGREED WITH SHERIFF JOYCE THAT <br />WE SHOULD HOLD OFF ON MAKING ANY CHANGE UNTIL THE LEGISLATURE ACTS. ; <br />THE BOARD DISCUSSED THE BUDGET TRANSFER REQUESTED BY SHERIFF s <br />JOYCE IN HIS LETTER OF APRIL 15, 1977, AS FOLLOWS: <br />SAfJ► T. JO a <br />YCE .1�'1)Lt�' 1.111-Is1.l G"Ota.\'?'l' <br />P. 0.8C X 608 `�, MEMBER FLORIDA SHERIFFS ASSOCIATION <br />PHONE 562-7911 MEMBER OF NATIONAL SHERIFFS ASSOCIATION <br />VICUO IMACII. rI.ONIIIA JL'tHlp <br />April15 <br />Z <br />p , 1977 <br />Board of County Commissioners <br />Indian River County <br />Vero Beach, Florida <br />In re: BUDGET AMENDMENT # 1 <br />Gentlemen & Miss Loy: <br />As provided in Florida Statute 30,495, I submit to you the <br />.following Budget Amendment for the operation of the Sheriff's <br />Office for the fiscal year of October 1, 1976 - September 30, 1977: <br />FROM: SALARIES E;OR DEPUTIES & OTHERS: '$50,000.00 <br />TO: AUTOMOBILE EQUIPMENT: $50,000.00 <br />By way of explanation, I offer the following information. <br />We opened bids for thirteen (13).new cars on September 21,. 19.76, <br />and were guaranteed delivery within seventy-five (75) days. These <br />vehicles have not been delivered to date due to internal problems <br />in Ford Motor Company whose bid"was accepted, We are now 150 working <br />days from bid opening. <br />As a result, the vehicles that have been in.use,'have in excess of <br />200,000 miles on them; are being.used 24 hours a day, and we have <br />at least six that are entirely out of service due to the fact that <br />they in such a state of disrepair, and unsafe and/or incapable of <br />being repaired. <br />We have given this transfer of funds from our °Salary11 account careful <br />consideration, and feel that by exercising control and discretion, we <br />will be able to fulfill our payroll requirements. <br />If you have any questions, I will be happy to meet with you in the <br />next state meeting. <br />r <br />OAm <br />ly.yours,'c� G..JOYCE. S ERIFFI <br />2 t <br />0 <br />AY 4 19 i7 <br />