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June 28, 1977 <br />a for IN <br />Board of County Commissioners ROBERT E. STONE <br />Indian River County STATE ATTORNEY <br />P.O. Box 1028 <br />Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br />Gentlemen: <br />Our office has been advised by your finance <br />director, Mr. Jackson, that we are running our of <br />funds in our Contributions Account. <br />When our budget was estimated for thecurrent <br />fiscal year, we were not anticipating a move to a <br />new and larger location in Vero Beach. We feel that <br />this additional expense, plus inflation has caused <br />our estimate to be insufficient. <br />We would appreciate it if you would consider <br />allocating an additional $3,645 to our Contributions <br />Account. This amount should cover anticipated <br />shortages. <br />Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. <br />Yours truly, <br />Robert E. Sto e <br />State Attorney <br />ATTORNEY COLLINS NOTED THAT THERE ARE STILL EXPENDITURES IN <br />CONNECTION WITH THE STATE ATTORNEYS MOVE TO THE NEW OFFICES WHICH THE <br />COUNTY MAY OR MAY NOT BE REQUIRED TO PAY, AND HE SUGGESTED THAT THE BOARD <br />EITHER HOLD UP MAKING A TRANSFER OF FUNDS AT THIS TIME OR ONLY ALLOW A <br />- MINIMAL AMOUNT UNTIL THESE EXPtNDITURES ARE RESOLVED. <br />DISCUSSION FOLLOWED IN REGARD TO THE AMOUNT WHICH WOULD BE <br />NECESSARY TO TIDE THE STATE's ATTORNEY OVER FOR A MONTH UNTIL THIS MATTER <br />CAN BE GONE INTO FURTHER. <br />CHAIRMAN WODTKE.STATED THAT WHEN WE RECEIVE A REQUEST FOR A <br />BUDGET AMENDMENT SUCH AS THIS, HE FELT WE SHOULD BE SUPPLIED WITH A GOOD <br />DEAL MORE EXPLICIT INFORMATION THAN WAS SET OUT IN THE STATE ATTORNEY'S <br />LETTER, <br />COMMISSIONER LOY NOTED THAT WE MUST TAKE CARE OF THE RENT FOR <br />THE STATE's ATTORNEY, BUT AGREED THAT WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE OTHER <br />EXPENSES HE REFERS TO ARE AND WHETHER THEY ARE OUR RESPONSIBILITY. SHE <br />' I <br />2 <br />i <br />i <br />. VL 6 960K 30 PACE 180 <br />