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VERO BEACH PRESS -JOURNAL ` . • - - -. ,'.' :.' __ " -.- -,.- . ".--. _.., _ . <br />i <br />NOTICE <br />Published Weekly That Board of county CommiSSiOners of <br />fndlan River Cainry wuI receive <br />SECTION 6. No referendum or <br />Indian River county shah be requ, ea ffor m <br />public <br />IMtitj1011Y. iMl intends to enact the fO/lgwm9 <br />eaercae Of any of the provisions M ihtS 0r. <br />dinance, <br />Canty Ordinance at a Special meeting an <br />Vera Beach, Indian River County, Florida August 2, 19l1, of 2:00 p.m. m the Board <br />unless such reerendum or erection ,s <br />required by the such referendum <br />Florida. <br />of <br />County Commissioners' Meeting Room, in the <br />County Courthouse at Vero Beach, Florida, <br />SECTION 7. The cost of the projects may b <br />deemed to also include (but not be j m,ted rat <br />(ORDINANCE) <br />the Cost Of acquisition Of sites, legal. <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER: <br />STATE Of FLORIDA <br />o1 gilt . e.seal.afchdectlrrdl fees and fee <br />parts or consultants em lob <br />AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO TMEdies. <br />Belory undersignedP �Jr• who Sul path ACQUISITION, CONSTRUCTION. <br />Prappe,� J. a Schema <br />n er gned authority <br />boa <br />rveysenplans ring or ani tlesigns'�o tsaa, <br />ayl(stls he Business FBeach wee , FUR. <br />per Published CASHING AND EQUIPPING OF COUNTY <br />projects; Provisions for debt service reservri <br />bond discount; <br />N Vem Beach in Indian River County, Florida; that the attached copy Of advertisement, rig . CAPITAL PROJECTS IN INDIAN RIVER <br />tl any, Inc expense of tnE <br />issuance, <br />_ <br />t COUNTY. FLORIDA: AUTHOR12s NAtj TME <br />ISSUANCE OF BONpS BY TME BDAiib <br />authonzatton and safe of said Bono - <br />Including advertisement. -hoes and other <br />OF <br />t v COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN <br />proceedings m connection tnerewrtn and sac^ <br />other <br />,RIVER COUNTY, FLORIOA, TO FINANCE <br />THE COST OF SUCH PROJECTS. PAYABLE <br />expenses as are necessary, nc,ceftl 0- <br />a <br />appurtenant to the Purpoaea authorized <br />FROM REVENUES, IF ANY, DERIVED <br />i in the matter Of FROM SAID PROJECTS AND ALSOPAYAB <br />hereunder. <br />SECTION 6. The county does here*. <br />' F THE <br />STATE L REVE UE SH4RE FROM A P 1 NG OTRUST <br />covenant with the holden of wen bonds rnar,- <br />notenact -011 <br />A td , �ti n�n�n __ _ _ _ _ _ FUNDS RECEIVED BY INDIAN RIVER <br />COUNTY OR OTHER FUNDS OF THE <br />imps rrail <br />or amend m any ma manner ma c- <br />such holders or the security of the funds hK^. <br />COUNTY DERIVED FROM SOURCES <br />OTHER THAN AD VALOREM <br />may be pledged to the payment of the d-Mclra. <br />of and interest on any bonds issued pursuant 10 <br />TAXES, <br />h7 the Court, vias Pub-- PROVIDING THE METHOD BYWH4CH <br />the provisions of this O d,nance. <br />THIS ORDINANCE SHALL BECOME EF• <br />FEC"VE• <br />SECTION 9. This ordinance snail iii be <br />deemed to repeal Or supersede any other law <br />ff3W in OW newspaper M issues • WHEREAS, pursuant to Article VIII, <br />Or laws, but Shah y be considered as sa <br />Piemonte$ and additional authorir. to %a,!:' <br />tion I Of the Constitution of the Stale Of Flor Ce <br />board to carry out and perform Int, powers <br />prSECTTIIONtiis na <br />- and Section 125.01 et seq., Florida Statutes, the <br />Board of County Commissioners <br />e. <br />10. (1)i The board may enact TMs <br />of Indovi <br />ian <br />River County, Florida, has all powers of local <br />Afliast further says that the said Vero Beach Press -Journal is a newspaper publisfsed at self government to perform county functions <br />ordinance at any regular or special meehnq <br />provided that notice of intent to consider such <br />ordinance nas been <br />County, and that the said newspaper has heretofore and to render county services in a manner not <br />'Vag Beath, in said Indian River Cam inconsistent with general or special law <br />given M a newspaper at <br />general nreuation within Indian River <br />and <br />ban Continuously published in said Indian River County, Florida, weekly and hes been entered such power may be exercised by the enact• <br />County- at least fifteen days prior to such <br />as Second Class mail matter at the post office in Vero Beach, in said Indian River County, Florida mentof countyprtlmantes: and <br />excluding Sundays and legal <br />r a pi fudd ofoneyearthe publicationthe e� of adver- at EAS, it is necessary for the public <br />blicati <br />afurth xtaarKthatnhe <br />holidays. be mace bDoc* <br />of rneubaord nd <br />fi has neo promised any firm or fi <br />Ya iia y person, Y general welfare of the <br />ach <br />clerk eptlin as seca,aa <br />open to <br />goporation any discount, rebate, commission or refund for the purpose of securing this adver- - County and rs Cititens /hat provisions be made <br />the public $Or ins0ectlan dural the <br />g <br />regular business hours <br />1'ifmnlent for publication in the said newspaper. for the acquisition and Construct— of capital <br />projects which serve a county purpose and for <br />of his Office. <br />(2) A certified copy of this ordinance. as <br />enacted, shall be filed by the <br />�� rs �a anCing the Cost of such Projects; <br />Saturn to and subscribed before me this lY yof A.ft 11 NOW, THEREFORE. BE IT ORDAINED <br />clot. wtm file <br />Office of the Secretary of State W Florida <br />h- BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COM• <br />a MISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />within ten Jaya after enactment, and fids <br />ordinance shall take effect upon receipt of <br />FLORIDA: <br />official acknowledgement from Me Secretary <br />State <br />SECTION L, The Board et County Com• <br />missioners <br />of that said ordinance has been ed worn <br />rat <br />said office. <br />of Indian River <br />/ hereinaner referred o as me "board") <br />O F COUNTY COM- <br />is <br />hereby authorized to acquire, construct, <br />furnish aIle equip county Capital projects (all <br />(Clark Of the Circuit Court. India r�tiver County. Florida) <br />MISSIONERS OF <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />Bys-Wiliam <br />IAfeinalter called "prolecfs"), <br />C: Wodtke, Jr., Gnairman <br />July 1R )STT <br />SECTION 2. To Cos, <br />p� "Is. as above described. or any <br />bands Issued for Such Purposes, the board is <br />8~1sed to issue bonds from time to time <br />- <br />(hereinafter referred to as "bonds -)c Such <br />- <br />bonds may be ire coupon IOrm, in such W-. - - <br />denomination or denominations, bear interest <br />at such rate or rates not exceeding seven and <br />One- aff Per centum (7I.2 Percent) per annum <br />j <br />and Shall mature at such time or times not <br />fateeding forty (40) years from their date or <br />- <br />aOteS as may be determined by the board. The <br />(kinds may be made redeemable before <br />maturity, at the Option of the board, at such <br />trice or prices and under such terms and <br />Conditions as may be fixed by the board prior <br />90 their issuance. The board shall determine <br />lila PUCeer place$ Of Payment of the principal <br />f a <br />and interest which may be at any bank or trust <br />5 <br />CompanY within or without the state. The <br />- <br />bonds shall be signed either by manual or <br />facsimile signatures of the Chairman and <br />Clark of the board, <br />- <br />Provided that such bonds <br />Sha11 boar at least one (1) signature which is <br />IV executed thereon, and the coupons <br />aMatNac bea such bonds shall bear the facsimile <br />_ { <br />• i <br />Signature or Signatures Of such officer or of. <br />#Iters as shall be designated by the board. The <br />bonds shall have the seal of the board affixed, <br />Imprinted, reproduced Or lithographed <br />Hinted", all as may be Prescribed in the <br />j <br />resolution or resolutions authorizing the <br />Issuance thare0f. The bonds shall be sold at <br />• pu01iC Sale Or private sale at such Price Or <br />f *flees as the board Shan determine to be in the <br />most Interest, <br />provided that the price snall be <br />: net lose than ninety-five per centum (95 per. <br />j E Cent) Of the par value of the bonds sold. <br />SECTION 3. The principal of and the interest <br />= On the bolds issued hereunder may be secured <br />by and Payable from revenues, if any, derived <br />ffdm the operation Of said projects, or may be <br />Secured by and Payable from the Guaranteed <br />Enhnemenf <br />a <br />portion of the State Revenue <br />Sh4in- eived theCoijunly <br />Funds r2l9,v <br />Pursuant fo Chapterust y <br />Part li Florida <br />Statutes or trot" other funds <br />01 the County <br />• ! derived from sources other than from ad <br />t Valorem taxes, or a combMation of such <br />I revenues and funds. <br />SECTION 4, The bands shall also be and they <br />are hereby coin Muted negotiable instruments <br />alder the law merchant and the taws <br />j <br />yy <br />of the <br />1 State Of Florida. <br />r f <br />_ <br />_ SECTIONS. The bonds shall be and they <br />are <br />-_ a Befeby Constituted as 1 egal investments for <br />! <br />any state, CountyMunicipal or other publicfulo <br />funds Of t any pink,, <br />savtsavings yank, trustees, <br />I faecOlorS. guardians, or any trust ar fiduciary <br />funds whatsoever. Such bonds shall also be and <br />i <br />CNSfitute legal securities which may be <br />+ deVdsited by any bank Or trust company <br />jar the <br />i MewitY Of state, county, municipal or other <br />public funds. <br />Boa . 30 PAGE 277. <br />