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THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS RECONVENED AT 5:15 O'CLOCK <br />P.M. WITH THE SAME MEMBERS PRESENT. <br />CHAIRMAN WODTKE DISCUSSED WITH THE BOARD MEMORANDUM RECEIVED <br />FROM INTERGOVERNMENTAL COORDINATOR THOMAS IN REGARD TO RESIGNATION FROM <br />THE COUNCIL ON AGING, AS FOLLOWS: <br />September 20, 1977 <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: Board of County Commissioners <br />FROM: L.S."Tommy" Thomas, County Intergovernmental Coordinator <br />SUBJECT: Indian River County Council on Aging, Inc. <br />Request for resignation <br />As you know I have been the representative of the Board of County <br />Commissioners on the Board of the Council on Aging. I felt the first <br />j two years I served were very productive, and I felt that -I effectively <br />represented the Board of County Commissioners. I have not felt effective <br />under this year's Council on Aging administration. <br />At the last meeting (September 15, 1977), I requested to be re- <br />placed on.the finance and budget committee so that I could spend more <br />time on securing grants and funds. I asked that I be replaced by another <br />member of the Board who was fully qualified. The president said he <br />.,wanted no changes in His committees and the vote was 9-3 in his favor. <br />Also the president made the comment that Mr. Wodtke nor the Board <br />of County Commissioners run the Board of the Council on Aging. With this <br />prevailing attitude, I question the advisability of the County participatin_ <br />in this program. <br />Also I have received reports that there are errors and discrepancie-,: <br />in the budget which was presented to the Board of County Commissioners. <br />As you know, I have requested an audit by Health, Education and welfare <br />out of Atlanta. Until this audit is completed I would recommend that the <br />Board of County Commissioners be very careful about releasing any funds <br />in the Council on Aging for which you may be later held responsible. <br />There have also been radio reports that based on surveys by the <br />radio stations, that several of the programs being operated under the <br />current administration are ineffective and wasteful. I believe that the <br />programmatic audit which I have regnested will clarify this matter. <br />I believe that this is a necessary program and with the proper ad- <br />ministration and with more nffnctive guidance from the local governmental <br />bodies, it can be an effective program. <br />SEP 2 11977 <br />