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i <br />i <br />MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1977 <br />THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA, MET IN SPECIAL SESSION AT THE COUTTHOUSE, VERO BEACH, <br />FLORIDA, ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1977, AT 9:00 O'CLOCK A.M. <br />n <br />PRESENT WERE WILLIAM•C. WODTKE., JR., CHAIRMAN; ALMA LEE Loy, <br />VICE CHAIRMAN; WILLARD W. SIEBERT, JR.; EDWIN S. SCHMUCKER; AND r <br />R. DON DEESON. ALSO PRESENT WERE GEORGE G. COLLINS, JR., ATTORNEY <br />TO THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS; WILLIAM P. .JACKSON, FINANCE <br />OFFICER; AND VIRGINIA HARGREAVES, DEPUTY CLERK. <br />THE CHAIRMAN CALLED THE MEETING TO ORDER. <br />THE HOUR OF 9:00 O'CLOCK A.M. HAVING PASSED, THE DEPUTY <br />CLERK READ THE FOLLOWING NOTICE WITH PROOF OF PUBLICATION ATTACHED, <br />TO -WIT: <br />1 <br />VERO BEACH PRESS -JOURNAL <br />Published Weekly <br />Vero Beach, Indian Ritter County, FWda <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER: - eco <br />STATE OF FLORIDA - F��f`!' E� <br />(kfore thr tasders+6^c!1 auehalV w Sac !y appeared I. J. ScMaly Jr. whom path t3 <br />e, 171m <br />.rya that he k Rusmass M xager of the Vero aeach Prns•lpumal, a weekly newspaper pW Lslrad <br />at Vero &sch lo Irsiian Ryer Ca.nry, ibrda; that the attached copy of .dvennement, being <br />fn the nutter of '-->1"•'L // t& t& A/ - . <br />n the CW,% was Pub - <br />In .aid taw.";- a d. imus of [ ia44 jelft V-;4 <br />,-2 s-, /%- <br />Affiant furthersays that the said Vero Batch P-4-enal la a n pamr published In . <br />U., b pid Indian River County, and that the -aid natirs per has heretofore <br />been cont;; t fy b:!thad. in n'd lode" River Camty. Florida, weekly and has fn e:.ter.d <br />fora tier.! of —I <br />o�p e.-t—att�the post oHit. in Varo Beach, In .id Indian River Camty, Florida ' <br />yea precawing the lint pubbeu;im of the attached cep, of adror- <br />thertant; and affiant further teya tI," ha has etitnar paid r> promise•! arty Parton, firm or Board <br />County <br />. + p <br />• tsrporation any rPixunt, re'vate, C.tmmi.sitm a ttRind for she Perp_ .f severing thus adrer• he FiCSfidrtl CIT i.QL�n If �' Q.IG: TIq misaiCt i11 ersa <br />flserrerrt for publkonon in the said rrewapaper. <br />S.aan ep tnd aubtoRted..lore me dria _"C p 41„/. A. : '�7 Indian- River County. Florida, pro;tetses <br />to increase your proper9 y taxes by <br />/ ^ \ u C A Managed <br />eighteen (18) percent. . <br />REAt1 (Clark of O. circuit Court, Indian Rivw C—ty, Florida) <br />A public hearing on tive Increase will be <br />held on Septomber 26, i 977 at 9s00 AA. � <br />In the County Commissioners meeting <br />roam In the Indian River County Cour- <br />thouse. '� { <br />SEP 2 61977 <br />