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i FREDA WRIGHT <br />111:14: 719 CLERK. CIRCUIT COURT AND RECORDER <br />1�L;?1 <br />CIO <br />P. 0. BOX 1028 <br />V E R O R E A C H • F L O R IDA <br />32960 <br />September 30, 1977 <br />Honorable W.W. Siebert, Jr. <br />900 Jasmine Lane Apt. 8A <br />Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br />Dear Mr. -Siebert: <br />Excess funds of the Rockridge Street Lifhting District are invested <br />in a passbook savings account at Indian River Federal. Would you, at <br />your earliest convenience, have a resolution passed by the Board of <br />Supervisors, which permits you and I to make deposits and withdrawals. <br />Attached is a suggested resolution which I modified from a similar one <br />used by the Board of County Commissioners. <br />Thank you in advance for your assistance. <br />Respectful) yours, <br />AM P. JACKSON <br />inance Officer <br />ON MOTION BY COMMISSIONER SCHMUCKER, SECONDED BY COMMIS- <br />SIONER Loy, THE BOARD UNANIMOUSLY ADOPTED RESOLUTION No. 77-3, <br />