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RESOLUTION NO. 2012- 013 <br />Resolution of <br />the Board of County Commissioners <br />of Indian River County, Florida, <br />Approving the Indian River County <br />Hazardous Materials Emergency Plan <br />WHEREAS, Chapter 252, Florida Statutes assigns to the Board of County <br />Commissioners responsibility for disaster mitigation, preparedness, response <br />and recovery; and <br />WHEREAS, with the enactment of the Emergency Planning and Community <br />Right -To -Know Act of 1986, Congress imposed upon Local Emergency Planning <br />Committees and local governments additional planning and preparedness <br />requirements for response to emergencies involving the release of hazardous <br />materials; and <br />WHEREAS, each county within a Local Emergency Planning District is required <br />to develop an Emergency Response Plan for Hazardous Materials to become a <br />component part of the local Emergency Planning District Plan; and <br />WHEREAS, Indian River County's Hazardous Materials Emergency Plan has <br />been reviewed and approved by the Florida State Emergency Response <br />Commission for Hazardous Materials as meeting the criteria for such plans <br />established by the Administrator, United States Environmental Protection Agency <br />and the National Response Team, and <br />WHEREAS, this plan is intended to provide the framework for the development <br />of detailed operating procedures by first response public safety agencies <br />charged with the responsibility of protecting the public's health and safety from <br />the discharge or release of extremely toxic chemicals. <br />