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OR-"$ <br />Revised 7/76 CERTIFICATE OFPROPERTY APPRAISAL ADJUSTMENT BOARD <br />Indian River County, Florida <br />We, the undersigned, as and constituting the Property Appraisal Adjustment Board of the <br />above named county, do hereby certify that after approval of the following described assessment <br />roll by the Department of Revenue, all hearings required by Florida Statutes have been held and <br />that said Property Appraisal Adjustment Board is satisfied that the <br />(Check One) ® Real Property ❑ Tangible Personal Property and Inventory <br />in the above named county includable on such assessment roll meets all requirements imposed <br />by the statutes of the State of Florida and the requirements and regulations imposed by the <br />Department of Revenue. <br />We further certify that it is hereby ordered that upon completion of this certificate and the <br />attachment of the same to the herein described assessment roll as a part thereof, that the said <br />assessment roll be delivered to the property appraiser of this county, on the day that this certificate <br />is dated, who shall adjust the said assessment roll in accordance with the decision of the Property <br />Appraisal Adjustment Board and make all required extensions on the roll to show the tax attribu- <br />table to all taxable property contained therein pursuant to law. <br />The following figures are true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief: <br />1. Taxable value of initial (x) Real ( ) Personal Property <br />Assessment Roll as submitted by Property Appraiser to <br />the Property Appraisal Adjustment Board $774,49A,19(3- <br />2. <br />774.45A.19(f_2. Net change in taxable value due to actions of the Board $ 1 , 4 E t • 200 . <br />3. Taxable value of M Real ( ) Personal Property Assess- <br />ment Roll incorporating all changes due to action of the <br />Property Appraisal Adjustment Board $772,973,960. <br />In witness whereof we have subscribed this certificate and caused the same to be attached to <br />and made a part of the ab ve described assessment roll and a copy thereof spread upon the minutes <br />of this the zsr day of October 1.9 77 <br />E - ,,'_-''`�:"'��� :. ✓ l ��'=j'•'%�;_'=��!� _ (SEAL) <br />COPY 3—RETAINED BY PROPERTY APPRAISAL <br />ADJUSTMENT BOARD <br />d • <br />OCT 191977, <br />as and constituting the Property <br />Appraisal Adjustment Board <br />(SEAL) <br />(SEAL) <br />(SEAL) <br />(SEAL) <br />BOX �� �Gf <br />P, <br />(SEAL) <br />(SEAL) <br />(SEAL) <br />(SEAL) <br />BOX �� �Gf <br />