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Florida Statutes: <br />334.044(7) <br />850-035-01 <br />PAVEMENT MANAGEMENT <br />OGC - 02115 <br />Page 2 of 21 <br />1. The recitals set forth above are incorporated by this reference in this Agreement. <br />2. The Recipient shall furnish all services as requested in Exhibit "A" for completion of the <br />Project. <br />3. The term of this Agreement shall begin upon the date of signature of the last party to sign <br />this Agreement ("Effective Date") and continue through June 30, 2017. Execution of this <br />Agreement by both parties shall be deemed a Notice to Proceed to the Recipient for work <br />to begin on the Project. Any work performed prior to the execution of this Agreement is <br />not subject to reimbursement. The estimated Project production schedule is a follows: <br />a. Design plans contract to begin on or before N/A, and design plans to be completed <br />by February 1, 2015. <br />b. Actual Construction shall begin no later than January 1, 2016, and be completed <br />by June 30, 2017. <br />4. The Department will participate in a maximum of 75% of the actual total Project costs up <br />to SIX HUNDRED EIGHTY FOUR THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED FORTY TWO <br />DOLLARS AND NO CENTS $684,642.00 (the maximum Department participation as set <br />forth in Method of Compensation in Exhibit B). The Parties agree that the Department's <br />participation may be increased or reduced upon a determination of the actual bid <br />amounts Project by execution of a supplemental agreement. Travel costs will not be <br />reimbursed. <br />a. The Department agrees to compensate the Recipient for services described in <br />Exhibit "A", and set forth in Method of Compensation in Exhibit "B". <br />b. Unless otherwise permitted, payment will begin in the year the Project or Project <br />phase is scheduled in the adopted work program as of the Effective Date of this <br />Agreement. Payment will be made for actual costs incurred as of the date the <br />invoice is submitted with the final payment due upon receipt of a final invoice. <br />c. The Recipient shall provide quantifiable, measurable, and verifiable units of <br />deliverables. Each deliverable must specify the required minimum level of service <br />to be performed and the criteria for evaluating successful completion. The Project, <br />identified as Financial Project Number 433066-1-58-01, and the quantifiable, <br />measurable, and verifiable units of deliverables are described more fully in Exhibit <br />"A". Any changes to the deliverables shall require written approval in advance by <br />the Department. <br />d. Invoices shall be submitted at least quarterly by the Recipient in detail sufficient for <br />a proper pre -audit and post -audit, based on the quantifiable, measurable, and <br />verifiable deliverables as established in Exhibit "A". Deliverables must be <br />received and accepted in writing by the Department's Project Manager prior to <br />