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INDEX TO MINUTES <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />MEETING OF OCTOBER 21, 2003 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />1. CALL TO ORDER 1 <br /> <br />2. INVOCATION 1 <br /> <br />3. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 1 <br /> <br />4. ADDITIONS/DELETIONS TO THE AGENDA/EMERGENCY ITEMS 1 <br /> <br />5.A. PROCLAMATION DESIGNATING THE MONTH OF OCTOBER 2003 AS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH 2 <br /> <br />5.B. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR PENNY CHANDLER - INTRODUCTION OF NEW ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR 3 <br /> <br />6.A. APPROVAL OF MINUTES 3 <br /> <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA 3 <br />7.A. Reports Placed on File in the Office of the Clerk to the Board 4 <br />7.B. Approval of Warrants 4 <br />7.C. Proclamation Designating the Month of November 2003 as National Epilepsy Awareness Month 4 <br />7.D. Resolution Nos. 2003-125 thru 2003-134 - Revised Resolutions Concerning Boards and Committees - Agriculture Advisory Committee, Beach and Shore Preservation Advisory Committee, <br /> Economic Development Council (EDC), Emergency Services District Advisory Committee (ESDAC), Historic Resources Advisory Committee, Land Acquisition Advisory Committee (LAAC), Marine <br /> Advisory Narrows Watershed Action Committee (MANWAC), Parks and Recreation Committee, Public Library Advisory Board (PLAB), and Utility Advisory Committee (UAC) 4 <br /> <br />7.E. Appointment of William Lundy Parden by the Metropolitan Planning Organization as the Transportation Disadvantaged Representative to the Metropolitan Planning Organization Citizens <br /> Advisory Committee (MPO CAC) and the Handicapped Representative to the Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board (TDLCB) - Replaces Mae Arnold 8 <br />7.F. Frank Coffey Elected Chairman of the Emergency Services District Advisory Committee (ESDAC) 9 <br />7.G. Resolution No. 2003-135 Cancelling Taxes on Acquired Property of Thomas S. Hammond for Expansion of the Indian River County Jail 9 <br />7.H. Bid Award #6016 - Annual Bid for Zinc Orthophosphate - Shannon Chemical Corporation 9 <br />7.I. Bid Award #6020 - Annual Bid for Sulfuric Acid - Shrieve Chemical Company 10 <br />7.J. Resolution No. 2003-136 - Partial Release of Easement at 1986 15th Avenue SW, Lot 4, Block 141, Vero Beach Highlands Unit 4 - Requested by Michael and Theresa Bendell 11 <br />7.K. Resolution No. 2003-137 - Public Transportation Joint Participation Agreement (JPA) with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) - Service Development Grant - Amendment No. <br /> One - Council on Aging 11 <br /> <br />9.A.1. PUBLIC HEARING - RESOLUTION NO. 2003-138 - ABANDONMENT OF A PORTION OF 14TH STREET AT ITS TERMINUS JUST WEST OF INDIAN RIVER BOULEVARD - LOT 32, BLOCK M, ROCKRIDGE SUBDIVISION, <br /> UNIT 5 - REQUESTED BY DENNIS E. BAYLES 12 <br /> <br />9.A.2. PUBLIC HEARING - ORDINANCE NO. 2003-035 - REZONES 101.4 ACRES AT THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF 8TH STREET AND 98TH AVENUE FROM A-1 TO RM-6 - REQUESTED BY THOMAS BARNES 15 <br /> <br />9.B.1. PUBLIC DISCUSSION ITEM - DAN R. BRYANT, PARADISE PETROLEUM INC., REGARDING GASOLINE PRICES IN INDIAN RIVER COUNTY 20 <br /> <br />11.A.1. CONSIDERATION OF PROPOSAL TO REQUIRE RELOCATION OF MATURE OAK TREES IN NEW DEVELOPMENTS - STAFF AUTHORITY TO ISSUE AFTER-THE-FACT TREE REMOVAL PERMITS 21