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ON MOTION by Commissioner Flescher, SECONDED by <br />Vice Chair Davis, the Board unanimously approved: Work <br />Order No. 14 with GeoSyntec in the amount of $97,362.00 <br />to provide engineering services related to the 2008 <br />Compliance Monitoring & General Technical Assistance, <br />and authorized the Chairman to execute the same, as <br />recommended in the memorandum of January 14, 2008. <br />WORK ORDER IS ON FILE IN THE OFFICE OF THE CLERK TO THE BOARD <br />14.B.2. SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL DISTRICT CUSTOMER CONVENIENCE <br />CENTERS <br />Utilities Director Erik Olson presented this item, as outlined in the memorandum of <br />January 14, 2008. He related that due to the downturn in the economy, staff had been tasked <br />with finding ways to reduce costs in various County Departments. Within that context, staff was <br />charged with putting together a budget associated with the five (5) County -wide Solid Waste <br />Disposal District (SWDD) Customer Convenience Centers, which are staffed by twenty-three <br />(23) employees. <br />Director Olson presented two options for the Board to consider: (1) Option A - Maintain <br />current staffing and operations, bearing in mind that Managing Director Himanshu Mehta will <br />continue seeking opportunities to save some monies; and (2) Option B — Seek outside bids to see <br />January 22, 2008 2 <br />S.W.D.D. <br />