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A. Presentation of Proclamation Designating February 4 2007 as Four <br />-Chaplains- Interfaith Memorial -Day ------------------------------------------------------------------- I <br />Presented to Lari- <br />.1, Wqj)nick, President of Veteran's Council and Ernest <br />Heaton, a Dorchester surri),or ky Commissioner OBi- <br />yan, <br />B. Presentation of Proclamation Honoring Etta LoPresti for Receiving the 2006 <br />Thomas Yatabe Award for Outstanding Achievement <br />(memorandumdated- January 15, 2007) ---------------------------------------------------------- 24 <br />Presented to Etta L oPresti ky Commissioner Dar is. <br />C. Presentation by Ken Grudens, Executive Director, Indian River Land Trust <br />regarding the State -'s- Florida- Forever -Program ---------------------------------------------------- 5-6- <br />Po;o,erPoint Presentation. <br />6. APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />A. Regular Meeting of November 21, 2006 <br />MUMIM <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA <br />A. Report Placed on File in the Office of Clerk to the Board: Annual Financial <br />Report of Units of Local Government and the Annual post audit report for <br />2005-2006 fiscal year for the Sebastian Inlet District Commission <br />Al)l)ro),ed <br />B. Approval of Warrants — January 5 — 11, 2007 <br />(memorandumdated- January 11, 2007) --------------------------------------------------------- 7-16 <br />Al)l)ro),ed <br />C. 2007 Election of Planning and Zoning Agency ( P & Z) Chairman and Vice <br />Chairman <br />(memorandumdated- January 12, 2007) ------------------------------------------------------------ 17 <br />AI)I)rored the election of Robert Bruce as Chairman and (;eorA'e <br />Christ0j)her as Vice Chairman to the P&Zfor 2007. <br />D. 2007 Election of Beach & Shores Preservation Committee (Beach) <br />Chairman and Vice Chairman <br />(memorandum dated January 15, 2007) ------------------------------------------------------------ 18 <br />AI)I)rored the election of Mq�yor Tom White as Chairman and Bob <br />Anderson as Vice Chairman to the Beach and 6Vhores Preserration <br />Conunitteefor 2007, <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA (CONT'D.) PAGE <br />January 23, 2007 Page 2 of 10 <br />