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THURSDAY, MAY 24, 1979 <br />THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA, MET IN SPECIAL SESSION AT THE COURTHOUSE, VERO BEACH, FLORIDA, <br />ON THURSDAY, MAY 24, 1979, AT 1:30 O'CLOCK P.M. PRESENT WERE WILLIAM <br />C. WODTKE, .JR., -CHAIRMAN; ALMA LEE Loy, VICE CHAIRMAN; WILLARD W. SIEBERT, <br />.JR.; R. DON DEESON; AND PATRICK B. LYONS. ALSO PRESENT WAS.,.JACK G. <br />.JENNINGS, COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR,AND JANICE CALDWELL, DEPUTY CLERK. <br />THE ADMINISTRATOR INFORMED THE BOARD THAT HE HAD ADVERTISED <br />FOR INTERESTED ENGINEERS TO PROVIDE CONSULTING SERVICES FOR BRIDGE <br />INSPECTION)AS FOLLOWS: <br />VERO BEACH PRESS -JOURNAL <br />Published Weekly <br />Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER: <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />Before the undersigned authority personally appeared J. J. Schumann, Jr, who on oath <br />says that he is Business Manager of the Vero Beach Press -Journal, a weekly newspaper published <br />at Vero Beach in Indian River County, Florida; that the attached copy of advertisement, being <br />PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT <br />The Board of County Commissioners of <br />Indian River County, Florida, will require an <br />a _Q� <br />engineering firm qualified to provide con - <br />sulting services for engineering bridge in. <br />' <br />spection. Inspection shall be accomplished in <br />in the matter of <br />accordance with Florida' Department of <br />Transportation (FOOT) guidelines and be <br />reported in a format prescribed by and ac - <br />i{.} <br />ceptable to the FOOT. The Consultant <br />f" 4�1t Oil Yl 1 iN 4 0 P MP9 n l <br />Engineer shall use FOOT forms 51.09, 1.77 <br />supplemented with written reports, drawings, <br />photographs, charts, and additional material <br />n e Court, was pub- <br />neededto comprehensively identify the <br />bridge's location, dimensions, condition, type <br />and any other relevant data. Inspection may <br />s <br />�J + <br />suti rucunderwateras well as <br />ee <br />� ), / , 1 9 7 <br />))Shed in Said newspaper in the issues of /T—,T { <br />u and superstructure. <br />Interested firms should respond by fur- <br />nishing the following data: <br />a. Firm name, address, telephone number <br />and Florida Engineer Registration Cer- <br />tification. <br />Affiant further says that the said Vero Beach Press -Journal is a newspaper published at <br />b. Names of staffnce I bridgele for inspections <br />c. Firm experience in bridge inspem <br />Vero Beach, in said Indian River County,and that the said news paper has heretofore <br />during past five (5) years and for whom ac- <br />ac. <br />been continuously published in said Indian River County, Florida, weekly and has been entered <br />complished. <br />as second class mail matter at the post office in Vero Beach, in said Indian River County, Florida <br />Your reply should be directed to: Mr. Jack <br />for a period of one year next preceeding the first publication of the attached copy of adver- <br />G. Jennings, County Administrator, Indian <br />tisement; and affiant further says that he has neither paid nor promised any person, firm or <br />River County, 2145 14th Avenue, Vero Beach, <br />corporation any discount, rebate, commission or refund for the purpose of securing this adver- <br />Flotida 32960, and received no later than 5 <br />tisement for publication in the said newspaper. <br />P.M. February 28,1979.Feb. 7,14,1979. <br />Sworn to and subscribed before me thi �"� y of A D.. z ZZ 2. <br />• - � � (Business Manager) <br />, <br />(Clerk of the Circuit Court 1 dian River County, Florida) <br />(SEAL) <br />MAY 214 19 '79 <br />BQQK 40 mu 361 <br />