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JEFFREY K. BARTON <br />Clerk to the Board <br />INDEX TO MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING <br />OF BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF MAY 5, 2009 <br />1. CALL TO ORDER 1 <br />2. INVOCATION 1 <br />3. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 1 <br />4. ADDITIONS/DELETIONS TO THE AGENDA/EMERGENCY ITEMS 2 <br />1. Addition: Item 5.D. Presentation of Plaque Honoring Sheriff Deryl <br />Loar for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve 2 <br />2. Addition: Item 5.E. Presentation by Penny Chandler, Chamber of <br />Commerce -Update on H1/NI Virus 2 <br />3. Deletion: Item 10.B.1. Request to Speak from Ardra Rigby and Bill <br />Rigby Regarding Waste Hauling Services in the Enterprise Zone 2 <br />4. Addition: Item 13.C. County Attorney Matters: Notice of Attorney - <br />Client Session: Divosta Homes, L.P. and Divosta Homes Holdings, <br />L.L.C. vs. Indian River County, Case No. 20070109 -CA -19 2 <br />5. Addition: Item 14.A. Commissioner Wesley S. Davis, Chairman: <br />Sector 3 Beach Restoration Project: Utilization of Upland Sand Sources 2 <br />5. PROCLAMATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS 3 <br />5.A. PRESENTATION OF PROCLAMATION DESIGNATING THE MONTH OF MAY AS <br />NATIONAL PRESERVATION MONTH 3 <br />1 <br />May 5, 2009 <br />