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JAN 231980 <br />BOOK 42 PAGE 549 <br />ATTORNEY COLLINS THEN INTRODUCED TONY C. SOVIERO, WHO <br />RECENTLY JOINED HIS FIRM. <br />MR. SOVIERO BRIEFLY INFORMED THE BOARD OF HIS BACKGROUND <br />IN EDUCATION AND PAST EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE. THE BOARD THEN WELCOMED <br />HIM AND CHAIRMAN SIEBERT FELT HE WOULD BE A GREAT ASSET TO THE COUNTY. <br />FINANCE OFFICER BARTON DISCUSSED WITH THE BOARD THE FOLLOWING <br />BUDGET AMENDMENT, WHICH IS ITEM 3C ON THE CLERKS AGENDA: <br />y-� BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />® WILLIAM C. WODTKE, JR., Chairman <br />g -r <br />} 9r ALMA LEE LOY, Vice Chairman <br />f`. WILLIARD W. SIEBERT, JR. <br />d ^ R. DON DEESON <br />PATRICK B. LYONS <br />JACK G. JENNINGS, Administrator 2145 14th Avenue Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br />January 17, 1980 <br />MEMO TO: BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />FROM: ��'� JEFFREY K. BARTON, FINANCE OFFICER <br />IN RE: IGrant for the Spouse Abuse Program <br />This is a new L.E.A.A. grant which will flow thru our books. <br />Therefore, the mechanics must be set so moniescan be received <br />and bills can be paid. <br />I recommend the following budget to be adopted as part <br />of the approval of funds: <br />ACCOUNT TITLE <br />State Grants - <br />Spouse Abuse <br />JKB/ksg <br />ACCOUNT NO. <br />001-000-334-21.01 <br />001-106-563-88.18 <br />DEBIT CREDIT <br />$ 15,926 <br />$ 15,926 <br />MR. BARTON EXPLAINED THAT HE THOUGHT THE GRANT HAD BEEN <br />APPROVED IN TALLAHASSEE BUT AFTER SPEAKING, WITH THAT OFFICE YESTERDAY, <br />HE WAS ADVISED THAT HE WOULD HAVE A DEFINITE ANSWER BY NEXT FRIDAY, <br />AND THE FUNDING WOULD BE RETROACTIVE TO .JANUARY 1, 1980. HE <br />