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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1980 <br />THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA, MET IN SPECI <br />1053 20TH PLACE, VERO <br />AT 5:01 O'CLOCK P.M. <br />ALMA LEE Loy, VICE CH <br />AND PATRICK B. LYONS. <br />ADMINISTRATOR; GEORGE <br />AL SESSION AT THE CITY HALL COUNCIL CHAMBERS, <br />BEACH, FLORIDA, ON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2, 19801 <br />PRESENT WERE WILLARD W. SIEBERT, JR., CHAIRMAN; <br />AIRMAN; WILLIAM C. WODTKE, .JR.; R. DON DEESON; <br />ALSO PRESENT WERE NEIL A. NELSON, COUNTY <br />G. COLLINS, .JR., ATTORNEY TO THE BOARD OF <br />COUNTY COMMISSIONERS; .JEFFREY K. BARTON, FINANCE OFFICER; AND <br />VIRGINIA HARGREAVES, DEPUTY CLERK. <br />THE CHAIRMAN CALLED THE MEETING TO ORDER AND ANNOUNCED THAT <br />IT IS BEING HELD FOR THE PURPOSE OF HAVING HEARINGS ON THE INDIVIDUAL <br />BUDGETS UNDER THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS AND THE VARIOUS <br />DISTRICTS WHICH ARE REPRESENTED BY THE MEMBERS WHO SERVE ON THE BOARD <br />OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. <br />CHAIRMAN SIEBERT EXPLAINED TO THOSE PRESENT THE PROCEDURE <br />TO BE FOLLOWED IN THE HEARINGS, WHICH WILL BE AS SET OUT IN THE <br />FOLLOWING MEMO FROM ATTORNEY COLLINS: <br />M E M OR A N D U M <br />TO: All Members of the Board of County Commissioners <br />FROM: George G. Collins,Jr. <br />DATE: October 1, .1980 <br />1. First issue: (a) Percentage increase in millage over rolled <br />back rate. <br />(b) Purpose tax revenues are being increased. <br />(c) Hear all comments from public and explain. <br />2. Discuss and adopt millage prior to budget. <br />3. Publically announce the percentage by which the recomputed <br />proposed millage rate exceeds rolled back rate. <br />4. Adopt millage then budget. <br />5. Re: Fire District - Discuss Tax Anticipation Note and authorize. <br />OCT 2190 �Do 44 PACE 705 <br />