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F E 8 Z5 1981 Boa 4e5_ ; PAA43 <br />A ON MOTION BY COMMISSIONER SCURLOCK, SECONDED BY COMMIS- <br />SIONER WODTKE, THE BOARD UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED THE ADDITION OF THESE <br />EMERGENCY ITEMS TO THE AGENDA. <br />CHAIRMAN LYONS REQUESTED THE FOLLOWING LETTER FROM PHYLLIS <br />C. WEBB, OPPOSING THE APPOINTMENT OF MR. HALL TO THE ZONING COMMISSION, <br />BE MADE A PART OF THE RECORD: <br />February 24, 1981 <br />Mr. Pat Lyons, Chairman <br />Board of County Commissioners <br />Indian River County Courthouse <br />2145 14th Avenue <br />Vero Bead, Florida 32960 <br />Dear Mr. Lyons and County Commisionerss <br />As a long time resident of Vero Beach I am protesting the appointment <br />of real estate developers to the Planning and Zoning Board. <br />We, of course, must have some large real estate developments, but the <br />quality of life for the average, middle-income Indian River citizen <br />has been greatly diminished to the point that many are being driven <br />out of the county. <br />I also hope that in the future, people appointed to this commission <br />will have lived here longer than a few months. How can a newcomer <br />who has not experienced the rapid growth of Indian River County <br />possibly have the perspective to make important decisions for our <br />future? <br />Thanks for carefully weighing all future appointments to the Planning <br />and Zoning Board. <br />Sincerely yours, -J, <br />G� <br />Phyllis . Webb <br />a ' 0 `� - �� - 1 ► ► a <br />DISCUSSION FOLLOWED CONCERNING THE RESOLUTION THAT WOULD <br />EXPRESS THE APPRECIATION OF THE BOARD TO ALL THOSE CONTRIBUTORS TO <br />THE BEAUTIFICATION OF WABASSO BEACH PARK. IT WAS DETERMINED THAT THE <br />RESOLUTION WOULD BE BROAD ENOUGH TO INCLUDE ALL CONTRIBUTORS. <br />ON MOTION BY COMMISSIONER SCURLOCK, SECONDED BY COMMISSIONER <br />WODTKE, THE BOARD UNANIMOUSLY ADOPTED RESOLUTION 8I-10 THANKING THOSE <br />PERSONS RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTRIBUTING TO THE WABASSO BEACH PARK. <br />RESOLUTION SI-lO WILL BE MADE PART OF THE MINUTES WHEN <br />REID.(NEXT PAGE NO. IS 4) <br />